Senator Graham Had Some Bad News for Impeachment Democrats

Democrats have been promising to impeach Donald Trump since before he entered the White House. After three years and a mountain of fake news, they finally did it. But, don’t celebrate yet leftists! Those Democrats that were hoping the president would be removed from office (replaced, eventually, by Nancy Pelosi) just had a rude awakening. Because Lindsey Graham has a few predictions they definitely won’t want to hear.

Wonder why us patriots are fed up with this impeachment nonsense? Because radical Democrats have been talking about it since Donald Trump was elected. They wanted him gone before he did a single thing in office. In fact, Rep. Al Green put forward articles of impeachment three times before the Ukraine hoax. Maxine Waters appeared on news networks for years talking about impeachment.

This has nothing to do with anything Trump has done, and everything to do with corrupt swamp dwellers’ fear and hatred of the president.

We say that Democrats suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s more than just an intense hatred for the man. People that are incensed against Trump aren’t living in the same reality we are. They are in a fantasy world, where every accusation and rumor they make up about him is true. They really believe he is a racist, homophobe, sexist, warmonger, and Russian puppet.

What’s even more insane is what they thought impeachment would accomplish. They thought they’d find mountains of dirt against Trump and his entire team. From there, they believed that Congress would have no choice but to impeach President Trump, followed quickly by Mike Pence. With them gone, Nancy Pelosi would finish the term, paving the way for a Democrat victory in November.

You say that’s absolutely, totally crazy? Well, welcome to the Democratic Party of 2020. They no longer live in reality.

Even though they had enough votes to impeach Trump, they are far from seeing their dreams come true. Republicans run the Senate. And Lindsey Graham just predicted how this impeachment farce is going to end.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) predicted that the Senate’s impeachment trial will be over with by President Trump’s State of the Union Address on February 4th and that President Trump will be acquitted in a “bipartisan” vote that will strengthen the president politically…

“The best thing for the American people is to end this crap as quickly as possible, have a trial in the Senate, bipartisan acquittal of the president, and on February the 4th, when the president comes into the House chamber to deliver the State of the Union, he will have been acquitted by the Senate, he will be the strongest he’s ever been politically.” [Source: Breitbart]

If you ever wanted to see a Democrat’s head spin, read them that quote.

Graham is not only predicted Trump’s acquittal, but he’s saying it will be a bipartisan vote. Meaning, even some Senate Democrats will vote to clear Trump’s name. That’s how weak the left’s attacks against him are.

Not only that, but Graham is predicting this will be over by the State of the Union address. And that Trump will be the strongest he’s ever been politically. Why? Because the left took their shot at him—and missed. They mustered all their clout to force an impeachment through. Their best chance at beating him will fail miserably.

There was no crime, no evidence of wrongdoing. Only a bogus whistleblower complaint that was proven false. Pelosi had to threaten and strongarm her party just to pass the vote. After all the lying, cheating, and manipulation, it will all be for nothing.

President Trump will come out of this clean as a whistle. America will see that the Democrats waged an unjust war against him. All in time for the 2020 Election.

Sure, TDS Democrats are foaming at the mouth right now. Their scheme has backfired, making Trump only more successful.

Maybe they should have just worked with the man all this time, instead of trying to beat him?

But when have Democrats ever done the right and smart thing?

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