Senator Graham Exposes The Cold Hard Truth About Biden

Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for very long. But already, we’ve seen how disastrous his administration is. On almost every front, he is a failure. That is largely due to the fact that his decisions seem to be knee-jerk reactions to everything Trump did. Instead of using his head to decide what policy is best, Biden just does the opposite of whatever Trump did.

Not really something a leader does, is it?

We can look at the border as the biggest example of Biden’s failures. But in all honesty, there are many more areas that show Biden’s stupidity and incompetence. Senator Lindsey Graham is no shying away from criticizing the once “moderate” Joe Biden. He is calling out the administration, claiming they created chaos.

The South Carolina Republican included the border, Ukraine, China and Afghanistan as hot spots that had erupted since Inauguration Day.

“Well, it is not a crisis. It is chaos,” he said. “I was down there just a few weeks ago. We had 172,000 people come to the country illegally in March alone. We’re on track to do 2 million. The Border Patrol told the Biden administration during the transition, if you reverse Trump policies, there will be a run on the border. They were right. I’ve never been more worried than I am now about the world at large, writ large. You’ve got the Russians threatening to go into Ukraine. You’ve got the Chinese threatening Taiwan. The border is completely out of control…”

“So Joe Biden has created a lot of instability in a very short period of time, and if he doesn’t change his policies on the border, the worse is yet to come,” Graham added. “If he doesn’t get tougher with the Iranians, they are going to have a bomb before you know it. I’m really worried about the world under the Biden administration. They are clueless in my view in terms of the threats we face at the border and abroad.” [Source: Breitbart]

Sen. Graham has previously questioned what was going on in the Biden administration. He had worked with Joe when he was a senator and is saying the Joe who is in the White House now is nothing like the man he knew. We’ve heard reports about how the radical left has pressured Biden, threatening to destroy his administration if he didn’t bow to their whims. It seems he is listening.

Graham pointed out numerous instances where Biden has spread chaos. The border, which is on track to see 2 million illegals assault it this year, is just the beginning. Biden is letting Russian threaten the Ukraine. After being “tough” on Russia for years, it seems Democrats have no intentions of checking the power-hungry nation.

Then there is the looming problem with Iran. Trump was able to hold this terrorist-loving nation in check. But Biden is poised to drop all sanctions and resume the terrible Nuclear deal. Such a move would ensure Iran gets a nuclear weapon—and threatens the Middle East.

Graham said he was very worried about the border, but more worried about the world at large. It seems the “Biden doctrine” is to just sit back and let the worst nations run havoc everywhere. Biden does nothing as Russia, China, and Iran treat the planet like their plaything.

I wonder who is telling Biden to do all this?

Author: Sam Anderson