Senate Passes Landmark Bill Against China Over COVID

From the very start of the COVID outbreak, people have been demanding answers from China. The country ignored the problem, allowing the deadly disease to spread around the world. Attempts by our lawmakers have been made to hold the communist nation accountable. Now, a Senate committee just approved a bill that will let Americans stick it to China.

The liberal media continues to pathetically try to blame the COVID pandemic on Donald Trump. They still refuse to acknowledge that way back in January, Trump was the only leader trying to address the problem. Democrats and the media were ignoring it, calling Trump “racist” for closing the country to China.

If anyone’s to blame for the spread of the disease (besides Andrew Cuomo), it’s the Chinese Communist Party. Many American leaders and businesses refuse to do this because they receive support or investments from Chinese companies. But the facts are plain to see: China is responsible for the disease infecting the first humans.

China suppressed information about the disease, even as it spread across Wuhan. They even got the WHO to say that the virus can’t pass from person to person, despite obvious evidence that it does. They restricted travel within their own country to slow the spread, but let Chinese nationals travel all over the world.

There is good reason for America to demand recompense from the foreign country. And now, we are one step closer to doing it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved legislation that would allow people to file lawsuits against China in federal court over damages resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is clear to me that the Chinese Communist Party deceived the world and manipulated information about coronavirus, committee chairman Lindsey Graham said. “China restricted travel within China to slow the spread, but allowed people from China to travel throughout the world increasing the spread.”

“China was negligent in dealing with the origins of the virus and deceiving the world about the nature of the virus. Americans deserve their day in court,” said Graham, a South Carolina Republican and bill cosponsor. [Source: Just the News]

Let’s be honest: there should be tremendous consequences for China, after what it inflicted on the world. But it’s unlikely other countries, especially those that do business with China, will do anything. So, scared are they of losing their precious factories in China, most countries (and their businesses) will just roll over.

China should be facing international sanctions over what they did. They should be required to pay back the massive losses the global economy suffered. Companies should be withdrawing their plants and ending their contracts with China. A travel ban should stay in effect for a long time.

And yes, Americans should have the right to sue the CCP—especially if they lost loved ones, suffered economic hardship, or had important life events ruined.

Does all that sound too harsh? Think about this: imagine if the virus came out of America. What if we ignored the warnings, suppressed information, forced WHO to lie, and let sick Americans infect other countries?

The entire international community would be demanding trillions from us. They would end travel to American for a decade. They’d pull investments and business agreements and even perhaps cancel trade deals. The UN, EU, and other bodies would hammer us with sanctions and resolutions condemning us.

But because it’s China, nothing happens. Funny how that is.

This year has been devastating because the Communist Chinese Party let a virus spread around the world. They’ve done little to help the rest of the planet. In fact, they made the problem much worse.

This Senate bill must be passed and signed into law. Americans need a path to hold China accountable. The Chinese government might try to fight it tooth and nail, but they must answer for what they did.

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