Sen Cotton Exposes Schumer’s Scheme–Reveals Democrats Long Opposed Ending Filibuster

Democrats are facing a very tough reelection battle this November. If polling and recent special elections are any indicators, they are poised to lose big in the midterms. Biden’s approval rating is at a dismal 35%. Americans are blaming his party for all their economic troubles. And there is a good chance voters will reject Democrats, electing Republicans, as a response.

So, what are Democrats doing to fix this problem? They are trying to destroy our elections, so they can win through fraud. Chuck Schumer is trying to pass a pair of toxic “voter rights” bills that would allow the federal government to take over our elections. Among the many radical changes these bills would make, they introduce measures that would make stopping voter fraud impossible.

But Schumer needs to eliminate the Senate filibuster so he could get away with this scheme. Republican Tom Cotton used the opportunity to expose Schumer’s hypocrisy, by reading his own words.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) trolled Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday where he read Schumer’s previous defenses of the filibuster…

“Every word of my speech today was originally spoken by my esteemed colleague, the senior senator from New York, Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer spoke so eloquently in defense of the Senate’s rules, customs, and traditions when the fortunes of his party looked a little different.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Nearly every Democrat now pushing to end the filibuster today was strongly opposed to that just a few years ago. That includes Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Back when Republicans had a majority under President Bush, some were considering getting rid of the filibuster. Democrats, outraged that they’d lose so much power in the Senate, strongly opposed the move.

Schumer called it a “constitutional crisis.” He warned against “undoing… two centuries of tradition.” The Democrat even claimed that the “American people at large” are not demanding this “nuclear option.” It was pretty obvious Schumer wanted the filibuster intact when his party was using it to block Bush’s agenda.

In fact, Democrats used the filibuster just two years ago, in 2020, to block Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill. But suddenly now, it needs to go? Democrats have the slimmest majority in the history of the Senate, as the chamber is split 50-50. How can that justify such a dramatic change, all so they can pass a set of controversial bills?

The filibuster exists for this very reason so that a party with a small advantage can’t ram their agenda through Congress. The rule requires at least 60 senators to be on board with a bill. That’s so lawmakers will be forced to negotiate and cooperate with other lawmakers, not railroad them with their toxic schemes.

Schumer of all people knows this, yet he is ignoring his own warnings and words. He is hellbent on this destructive power grab because he knows his party is in for a beating this November. Ironic that he’s not trying to win over voters with brilliant policy and America-first initiatives. That would actually help his party win elections. Oh, well. I guess cheating is easier.

Author: Mark Antony