Secretary Of State Drops Bombshell On China

Over the weekend, news emerged that President Trump was about to ban social networking app TikTok for use by U.S. citizens. The app, used mostly by young people, is owned and operated by a Beijing company. As liberals were quick to condemn the president’s move, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave some troubling news that should have millions worried.

In recent years, conservatives have become increasingly worried about the influence Silicon Valley tech companies have over our way of life. Plenty Americans fret that these massive companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, have far too much access to our personal data. These companies have made a business out of gathering as much info about you as possible.

The implications of what they can do with it are staggering.

But if that sounds bad, imagine what a communist regime overseas—that sees itself as a major rival to the United States—could do with that data? No, you say, that would never happen. It already has.

Millions of Americans, many teenagers and those in their twenties, use social networking app TikTok, on a daily basis. The app is run by a Chinese company and, like all China-based businesses, is closely connected to the CCP.

Worried about China’s growing influence over our country, President Trump announced he will ban the app from the United States. Trump-haters, as usual, called him a fascist. But Mike Pompeo delivered the bad news.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo supported President Trump’s proposed ban of social media phenomenon TikTok, explaining to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” just how use of the app exposes Americans to having their personal information sent straight to the Chinese government…

“These Chinese software companies doing business in the United States,” Pompeo said, “are feeding data directly to the Chinese Communist Party, their national security apparatus. Could be [users’] facial recognition pattern, it could be information about their residence, their phone numbers, their friends, who they’re connected to. Those are the issues that President Trump’s made clear we’re going to take care of. These are true national security issues.” [Source: Fox News]

How bad is it? Well, privacy on smartphones is pretty bad as it is. Every app can set their own privacy rules you have to abide by. Even if an app allows you to restrict its access to your data, most modern smartphones (including Androids and iPhones) allow apps to communicate with other apps. Meaning, even if you restrict TikTok from seeing your personal information, it can grab it from Facebook, Amazon, or any other app on your phone.

And that’s if you even bother setting restrictions on the apps you use. Most people don’t, which means TikTok can gather information about Americans’ facial data, phone numbers, emails, home addresses, browsing history, purchases on Amazon. Hell, an app like TikTok has access to your phone’s camera and microphone. Who knows what pictures China is taking of the inside of your house?

Sounds crazy? This is a communist regime that is robbing its own citizens of rights (re: Hong Kong). What do you think they’d do to the citizens of a country they are trying to undermine?

In the age of COVID, China has proven to be an enemy. It seems there isn’t anything they won’t do to interfere with our ability to lead. The DOJ just busted Chinese nationals for trying to steal COVID research from hundreds of companies and agencies. What kind of data do you think TikTok’s been gathering, after years of being on Americans’ phones?

If we don’t trust Mark Zuckerburg to sift through our private lives, why should we trust Xi Jinping?

We should demand Trump ban the app ASAP.

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