Seattle Residents Drop Bombshell After CHOP Takedown

America has watched for weeks as anarchists overran a section of Seattle. These “activists” violated the law as they filled the streets with filth, graffiti, and violence. Yet the Democratic mayor looked the other way. Now, as the mayor is forced to disband the zone, those she had abandoned are striking back.

We can talk for ages about the sheer insanity of CHOP/CHAZ. The fact that a sitting mayor of a major American city just let a group of dangerous anarchists take over a section of Seattle is unthinkable. Keep in mind, this group of Antifa and BLM thugs would not have gotten away with it—had the mayor not told the police to abandon their precinct.

The media and Democrats bent over backwards to make the unthinkable situation appear safe and harmless. As gun-toting vandals roamed the streets, shaking down anyone that passed through, Mayor Durkan claimed it was just a “block party.” She even said it might turn into another Summer of Love. Right, because hippies carried rifles and harassed Uber drivers.

In all of Durkan’s posturing, she totally ignored the law-abiding citizens that were being overrun. Numerous businesses within Capitol Hill were neglected. There were plenty of people who lived in the area that were forced to put up with this chaos. They did not ask for criminals to take over their neighborhood. And they were the first to be cornered and abused.

Only after someone was killed did the mayor bother to do anything. But too little, too late, it appears. Because a storm is brewing on the horizon.

Numerous Seattle businesses – including an auto repair shop, a tattoo parlor and a property management company – sued the city Wednesday, alleging city officials were complicit in allowing an “occupied protest” that has made them feel unsafe in their neighborhood, according to reports.

Workers and residents also joined the lawsuit over CHOP, the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, which drew scorn from President Trump and other critics who accused Mayor Jenny Durkan, the city’s police chief and other city leaders of turning the area over to “anarchists.”

…One local business owner, Joey Rodolfo of Buki clothing, told “Fox & Friends” this week that he plans to move out of state because of what he described as Seattle’s lack of governmental leadership. [Source: Fox News]

More than a dozen businesses are suing the city—claiming they have shown “zero” support for small businesses hurt by CHOP. However, the city was all too eager to aid the violent criminals who overran the area. They provided these anarchists with barriers, public restrooms, and even medical supplies. The city helped criminals continue their dangerous actions, while ignoring the law-abiding business owners and residents.

Is this backwards land? Why the heck would city leaders—who sworn an oath to uphold the law—abandon citizens and aid criminals? Because of this “occupy protest” elderly and disabled residents could not get the help they needed. And their conditions worsened.

If this comes as a surprise to you, it’s time to wake up. All across American, Democrat-run cities are deteriorating at a rapid pace. They have abolished bail and released countless criminals back onto the streets. They are slashing police funding, resulting in fewer cops with inadequate training. And let’s not forget how they sat back and let rioters destroy their cities.

These are not coincidences. This is the result of a party that has fallen off the deep end. A party that wants more chaos and crime—so they can rob you of your rights. They sow division and fear into communities, so Americans will gladly give up their freedoms for just a scrap of peace.

But don’t think things will get better, if you agree to their demands and vote Democrat. This is only the start of the nightmare they’ll bring.

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