SCOTUS Takes Democrats Down In Texas

Source: Houston Chronicle

In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, many Americans are asking the same question. How will future elections work, after the mess we’ve just lived through?

It’s no secret the election was fundamentally changed, thanks to the use of mail-in ballots. Democrats exploited the COVID panic to send ballots to every resident in numerous battleground states. Their election officials changed the rules at the last minute to make it easier for late ballots to be counted. Because of this situation, several states had ballots being counted days after the election.

You can draw a line directly from COVID to the results of this election. And regardless of what you believe about how it all went down, it’s safe to say that Democrats will want to continue to use universal mail-in ballots, pandemic or not.

In conservative Texas, they have been pushing to get mail-in ballots sent to every voter—regardless of the reason. More proof that they mean to use this strategy in all future elections. Texas fought back and a lower court rejected the left’s attempt. Big surprise, though, they took it to the Supreme Court.

This is what happened.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled for the state of Texas and against the Texas Democratic Party as they decided to leave in place a lower court ruling that rejected Democrats’ attempts to let all eligible voters in Texas vote by mail.

As Reuters explained, “Texas state law makes mail-in ballots available only for people age 65 and older or for voters who meet specific disability guidelines. The state Democratic Party and some voters sued the Republican-governed state, arguing that by treating voters differently by age, the Texas law violated the U.S. Constitution’s 26th Amendment guarantee of the right to vote for American citizens age 18 and above.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats were trying to use the 26th Amendment to justify sending out ballots to any Texas voters. They claimed that the wording of the amendment, which states the right to vote “shall not be denied” means Texas had to send ballots to voters. You can see how, if they got their way, Democrats would use this to send ballots to every registered voter—regardless of whether or not they requested on.

The state believed that would lead to many problems, including ballots being cast wrongfully.

The Supreme Court this week ruled in favor of Texas’ current laws, that only allow ballots to be mailed to those 65 and older or those who meet specific disability guidelines.

This battle began when Democrats claimed anyone “fearing” COVID could be designated disabled. Give me a break.

Yet across the country, this excuse was used to send out millions of ballots. The big problem was they were using voter registration rolls that did not have updated information. Nor did most voters even ask for a ballot. That opened the doors to the problems we had seen—and the ongoing conflict that might plague this country for years to come.

If we expect there to be safe and free elections in the future, this kind of tactic must end once and for all. How can we trust the results of an election—when mail-in ballots are so easily exploited?

The question is, will state leaders be brave enough to challenge the left’s agenda?

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