SCOTUS Joins Democrats In Outlandish Witch Hunt

The Supreme Court will allow the liberal witch hunt of President Trump to continue.

On Monday, the ‘conservative’ SCOTUS decided to allow prosecutors from New York to issue a subpoena for former president Trump’s highly-anticipated federal tax returns. 

The high court decision now gives prosecutors permission to access Mr. Trump’s tax returns as part of an ongoing investigation into “possible tax crimes” while he was still doing business in the state of New York. 

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. now has the ability to ensue a criminal probe.

For years Trump’s legal team has been successful in keeping Donald’s tax records under wraps given the nearly-constant IRS audit he’s under. The decision by the lower courts to keep Trump’s taxes out of the wrong hands was now just officially overturned by the latest Supreme Court decision. 

 No member of the court noted any dissent and no explanation for the denial was given by the justices.

Last year a federal judge rejected Trump’s request to deny New York prosecutors the ability to obtain the President’s tax returns for a grand jury investigation. 

In October, an appeals court took up Trump’s legal argument, eventually upholding the original lower court decision to allow a grand jury to investigate the returns. District Attorney Vance made a deal with Trump’s lawyers, putting a hold on the subpoena fight until the Supreme Court justices took up with argument. 

The precise details of Vance’s investigation remain uncertain.

The high court’s decision occurred as President Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee, Merrick Garland, sat for his Senate confirmation hearing.

The name of the case is Trump v. Vance, No. 20A63 in the Supreme Court of the United States.

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