SCOTUS Hands Trump Major Victory — Fake News Put on Notice

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas warned Big Tech that their platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter will likely face regulation similar to public utilities.

Justice Thomas wrote at length on Monday about the glaring censorship experienced at the hands of Big Tech giants, implying First Amendment protections should be applied to their platforms.

Here’s what Thomas said:

His statements come us the Nation’s Highest Court refused to overrule a lower court order stating Trump violated the First Amendment rights of those he blocked on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Thomas argued that Trump’s Twitter account did “resemble a constitutionally protected public forum” in many ways. Trump was handed a permanent social media ban following the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

He continued to compare some tech platforms to utility providers – noting many are “sufficiently akin” to telephone companies. Tech companies fear a “public utility” designation as their current ability to moderate and censor would be terminated.

“A traditional telephone company laid physical wires to create a network connecting people, digital platforms lay information infrastructure that can be controlled in much the same way.”

Thomas’s words come as a relief to many conservatives who continue to face Big Tech censorship.

Author: Asa McCue

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