SCOTUS Deals Devastating Blow To Trump

Former President Trump’s legal fight for election integrity faced a major roadblock on Monday when the Supreme Court refused to hear his remaining case. 

America’s highest court quietly denied the case questioning Wisconsin’s illegal electoral procedures leading up to, and during, the 2020 Presidential election. The Court’s decision marks an unfortunate end to the legal fight Team Trump waged against the inconsistencies of the last election. Throughout his final days in office, President Trump rightfully lashed out at the court, calling the Justices “totally incompetent” for not even listening to his team’s legal argument. 

The Supreme Court signaled its disinterest in hearing Trump’s voter fraud cases when it made the decision to wait until after Biden’s inauguration to even consider them. As Biden assumed office, the Court threw out the lawsuits presented by Trump and his allies anyway. 

Not every Supreme Court Justice agreed with the decision to throw out Trump’s cases. Justice Clarence Thomas issued a scathing rebuke of his colleagues, stating the body is creating more confusion around elections by not even considering Trump’s lawsuits. 

Thomas argued the Court should use these cases as a potential framework for future elections. If the Court took up these cases now, there will likely be less confusion in the future for elections to come. 

“We invite further confusion and erosion of election confidence if we do nothing,” he wrote.

In separate dissents, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito also protested the Court’s decision not to take up Trump’s cases. 

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