Schumer Failed on Spending and Election Fraud–Now He’s on to Gun Control

Democrat leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, is failing as much as Joe Biden. He, much like Pelosi, refused to negotiate with Republicans during Trump’s administration. All that stonewalling and bad blood has resulted in a Senate leader who cannot make anything work. His major goal was to pass Biden’s bloated spending bill. That crashed and burned as even Democrats rejected it.

His next move was even wilder than the last one: kill the filibuster to pass extreme changes to our elections. There was even more opposition to that one, ensuring his plans would fail. So, what is a two-time loser to do, as his party faces electoral extinction in November? Go after the Second Amendment, that’s what!

On Sunday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pushed for the federal government to allocate $1.5 billion to fund new gun control actions by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The New York Post reported that Schumer wants to use the funds to get the ATF behind the Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns. The task force is ubiquitously aimed at getting illegal guns off the streets of New York…

He added, “I am pushing for $1.5 billion dollars in federal funds for the agency, so they can help with this work and do much more at the national level … Without the $1.5 billion … these plans will not have their full impact, and we need full impact to address the flow of these crime guns in our communities and across our state.” [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, the only way to stop gun violence in America is if the federal government starts doing the job of state and local police. And for that, they need over one billion dollars. Am I the only one smelling the bs?

Schumer wants to launder—I mean, allocate—more than one billion dollars for the ATF. He claims this money is needed so that the federal government can get involved in an interstate task force. Notice the important word there? Interstate. Not, federal, task force. This is a job for state leaders to crack down on illegal firearms used by criminals.

It is not an invitation to pump over a billion dollars into a federal agency, who will use the money to go after law-abiding gun owners.

Schumer must think this is going to win over voters, come November. But he’s fooling himself. We all know the statistics on gun control. The states with the strictest gun laws have the worst violence. States that respect the Second Amendment have less gun violence, and more gun owners. Where will the ATF go to investigate? Hmm… not in Chicago, I can promise you that.

Americans won’t take too kindly to the ATF snooping around their states, nor will conservative governors. And that’s if this plan is even legitimate. The ATF is already tasked with investigating gun crime, why does it need a billion more dollars? That’s something Republicans should be asking Schumer.

Author: Marv Grayson