School Boards Face Red Tsunami As Parents Rebel Against Bad Policies

The last two years have not been good to America’s students. Much of 2020 was taken from them, as fear and hysteria over COVID robbed millions of students of an entire year of education. Not only did they lose out on learning, but sports careers, proms, and other vital activities were cut off—leaving young people with little to look forward to.

But things haven’t gotten better this year. As schools hastily formed plans to reopen, the radical left used it as an opportunity to reshape the curriculum. Parents were alerted to attempts at pushing a revisionist view of our history, based on the false “critical race theory.” American parents objected so much that Biden’s DOJ tried to brand them as “domestic terrorists.”

Yesterday, the fate of many school boards was decided. And, what do you know? Voters picked the leaders who put parents and students first.

Early returns Tuesday night showed that critics of COVID-19 reopening policies and critical race theory made headway in school board elections nationwide.

Conservatives now have a majority of the Carroll Independent School District in the wealthy Dallas suburb of Southlake, where parents previously led an electoral revolt against a proposed racial equity curriculum this spring…

Three challengers who oppose school COVID mask mandates defeated incumbents on Iowa’s Johnston school board…

In Douglas County, outside of Denver, the conservative “Vote 4 Kids First” slate of four candidates was leading comfortably. [Source: Just the News]

From coast to coast, voters rejected school board candidates that sought to push harsher COVID mandates or the toxic CRT curriculum. In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, Iowa, Kansas, and more, candidates that prioritized policies that encourage in-person learning, a rejection of CRT, and opposition to “gender issues” won enough seats to control the fate of school boards.

These new school boards will have the power to kill any attempts by leftists to further hamper students’ educations. And they will be much more likely to prioritize the concerns and needs of parents, who have been fighting for their children’s education ever since COVID struck the country.

This is yet another massive blow to the left’s agenda. Since 2020, Democrats have tried to push one radical plan after another onto our country. The progressive left seemed to think Americans were on board with their socialist scheme, or that we didn’t have a choice. It never occurred to these extremists that Americans would strike back this Election Day, which has shaped up to be a massive loss for Democrats.

Now, if Democrats were smart, they’d start today to distance themselves from the left. They would run to the middle, to win over moderates and conservatives alike. They would vow to never mention CRT or COVID mandates again, just to save their skins.

But, as we all know, they will never do that. So, the bleeding will continue all the way to 2022.

Author: Peter Jones