Rudy Giuliani Says Investigate Hillary — Not Ivanka

By Bob Fredericks November 21st, 2018 | Image Source: Getty Images

The White House counsel told President Trump he could be impeached for ordering a criminal probe of Hillary Clinton — but Rudy Giuliani said on Wednesday that he believes it was a swell idea.

“Of course she should be investigated. There is plenty of evidence that Hillary obstructed justice by destroying evidence in a gross and massive way,” Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers in the Russia investigation, told The Hill.

Giuliani referred to the roughly 30,000 emails on Clinton’s private server that were deleted before the feds could eyeball them.

During the interview with the website, Giuliani also talked about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe and revelations that first daughter Ivanka Trump had also used a private server to conduct government business.

“It’s so stupid! So [Ivanka] used her personal email. The thing wrong with Hillary is not that she used her personal email. It’s that she didn’t maintain it. She destroyed it. She destroyed the emails. Somebody used a sledgehammer. Jesus!” Gotham’s combustible former mayor said.

Giuliani’s comments came after it was reported on Tuesday that Trump wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute Clinton as well as former FBI Director James Comey in the spring, but that White House Counsel Don McGahn talked him out of it, warning him that it could lead to political disaster up to and including impeachment.

But Giuliani said he saw no problem with the president launching federal probes of his political foes.

“I don’t see how a president is prevented from saying someone should be investigated when there is public, probable cause that they committed a crime,” he said.

“Someone is under investigation and all of a sudden 30,000 emails disappear and someone takes a sledgehammer to them? I’m telling you, she is going in front of a grand jury,” he continued, without elaborating, as there is no current probe of the former first lady underway.
Giuliani also hailed Trump’s handling of the Mueller probe — but acknowledged that the commander-in-chief was “very hurt” by the experience.

“The president’s whole approach to this has been extraordinarily disciplined despite some of the false stories,” he said.

“But he is obviously very hurt personally. And I am too. It’s very hard when you are accused of something you didn’t do, and you know you didn’t do it.”

Mueller’s ongoing probe has to date resulted in guilty pleas from several former Trump insiders, including his lawyer, Michael Cohen, fired national security adviser Mike Flynn and ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort, who are all cooperating with the feds.

Trump has denied wrongdoing, attacked Mueller and dismissed the probe as a “hoax” and “witch hunt” cooked up by Democrats.

Publication: NY Post |Rudy Giuliani Says Investigate Hillary — Not Ivanka

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