Romney Hospitalized After Major Fall

It’s almost refreshing when politicians are forced to reveal their human side. 

Leading RINO Mitt Romney was released from the hospital on Monday after suffering a fall that left him with black eyes and multiple stitches. 

Romney is no young buck. At 73, an injury like this could spell disaster, but Romney seemed in good spirits when he was seen at the Capitol on Monday. 

“I’m feeling better now, but I took a fall that left me unconscious” Romney told the Capitol press.

He declined to elaborate what led up to this fall, but the Senator revealed it happened in Boston when while visiting his grandchildren. The fall knocked him unconscious and he was taken to a hospital. 

Romney claims he got “a lot of stitches.” 

Mitt is by no means the only aging politician who took a tumble this year. 

Late last year, Joe Biden was forced to walk with a boot on his foot after suffering an ankle injury “playing with his dog.”

The failed presidential candidate, who faces severe backlash in his home state for voting to impeach, initially joked about his injury. 

“I had a tough – tough- weekend. You see this bruise?” Romney joked. “I went to CPAC, they don’t like me there. That’s the problem.” he added on. 

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