Rocket Explosion Shakes Kabul — Guess Who’s Behind This One?

Chaos continues to consume Kabul.

Since the collapse of Afghanistan, and the takeover of the Taliban, the country has witnessed a series of harrowing events that will change the trajectory of U.S. foreign policy for years to come.

Recently 13 U.S. servicemen were slain after a suicide bombing attack near two separates airports in Afghanistan. The ISIS-K bombers were permitted to enter past Taliban security checkpoints, severely endangering U.S. military assets.

Reports have emerged that Biden’s top defense team provided Taliban security forces with names of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies who should be prioritized to evacuate, essentially handing over a ‘kill list’ to terrorists forces in the region.

Biden has ordered a series of drone attacks in retaliation, but witnesses have reported their lack of success. In fact, women and children have been the largest victims of Biden’s retaliatory attacks.

Now, news outlets in Kabul are breaking a story that adds to the chaos and confusion in Kabul.

A rocket attack and subsequent explosions have been reported just hours after U.S. officials warned of another possible attack from ISIS-K terrorists.

Reports soon emerged that the strike came via the U.S. and was targeting terrorists moving through the city:

Local source ToloNews was the first to report the incident:

This was quickly followed by other mainstream media outlets:

Local Afghan police chief confirmed the incident, adding the rocket hit a neighborhood northwest of Kabul international airport amid the continued U.S. evacuation.

A source at the Afghan Ministry of Health separately told reporters the blast was near the airport, while two witnesses revealed it was actually a house north of the airport – which is effectively under Taliban control – was struck by a rocket.

So far one child has been reported killed.

The death and destruction handed down by the Biden administration continues to overwhelm the entire world. Moving forward, one can only hope that Biden and his officials will have to answer for their crimes, but Biden seems to have little concern for the possibility of impeachment.

Author: Asa McCue