Rittenhouse Judge Echoes Trump’s Hatred For Phony Liberal Media

Mainstream media proves once against it is by far America’s greatest enemy.

Not China, not Russia; it’s CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, et al.

How is that, you ask?

Because these media outlets, who claim to uphold highest journalistic ethics, routinely publish outlandishly biased propaganda with the intention of protecting a certain political party — the Democrats.

Even more insidious, many of these outlets have a sordid history defending the world’s gravest villains purely for ideological purposes. For example, Josef Stalin was heralded by the New York Times simultaneous to him establishing Communist gulag systems which resulted in the death of millions.

More recently these so-called news outlets clearly have no intention of reporting honestly, especially on Donald Trump and the Republicans, COVID-19, illegal immigration, or the Biden administration.

Now, with the onset of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial, the media has proven once again just how corrupted they are by liberal hegemony. Their biases have been unfathomable, the push to inject race into the trial abhorrent, and now they’re openly intimidating jurors.

And Judge Bruce Schroeder has had enough.

On Thursday, the judge banned MSNBC from the courthouse after authorities pulled over a man, who claimed to be employed by MSNBC, tailing the jury’s sealed bus.

Schroeder explained the situation to the courtroom after receiving a police report on the incident. The report claimed an MSNBC employee ran multiple red lights while trailing the juror’s bus.

Schroeder went on to explain that a person claiming to be a producer at the left-wing network did so under orders from a higher-up news executives.

This goes to show just how sick and twisted the establishment media has become. There is no filter, no governor that prevents them from going full force down a path of unprofessional, unethical, diabolical journalistic practices.

They are desperately seeking Kyle Rittenhouse’s conviction, and they’ll intimated whoever it takes to achieve that.

Schroeder added that the matter would be referred to the “proper authorities” for further investigation.

Meanwhile, NBC released a statement through CNN about the incident.

Feeling as emboldened as ever in Biden’s America, the Fake News network didn’t even deny the events. Their plan of action is to double down and deal with the consequences later, which should be grave in the light of their open jury intimidation.

You could say the media has taken a giant tumble in recent years; that Trump completely broke them; but that would imply they were ever ethical in the first place.

Author: Asa McCue