RINOs Clear Path For Democrats To Destroy U.S. Economy

It’s all happening right according to plan for the Democrats and their RINO cohorts who put up virtually zero opposition as the U.S. economy takes a total nose dive into a pool of default and devastation.

The Senate passed a $2.5 trillion debt ceiling increase that will push the ceiling past the 2022 midterm elections by temporarily bypassing the Senate’s filibuster, per the deal brokered by leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

The Senate passed, 50-49, S.J. Res 33, with solely Democrat votes.

The measure moves to the House, where it is quickly expected to pass and get sent to Joe Biden’s desk. The federal government may face a default on its debt if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by December 15.

The Senate passed the debt ceiling increase after the members created a one-time carveout to the Senate’s rules, allowing Democrats to pass the bill with a simple majority.

Democrats were able to achieve their economic aims while Republicans sat on their hands and did nothing with zero opposition. Strategically speaking, this is the type of leverage winners refuse to grant to losers, which Republicans under current leadership tend to be.

Conservatives have noted that this would grant Democrats a pathway to pass more legislation by breaking the filibuster.

Rachel Bovard, the senior director of policy for the Conservative Partnership Institute, wrote in a recent op-ed:

“In the twisted world of Washington, D.C., politics, this allows McConnell and the Senate GOP to claim they are technically keeping their pledge not to raise the debt ceiling after they vote for a bill creating the opportunity for Democrats to do it for them.”

And what’s more is the Democrats wasted next to no time plotting their next legislative move using the same Senate strategy.

Sen. Raphael Warnock, a so-called Christian Marxist, said on the Senate floor ahead of the debt ceiling vote that the one-time carveout shows a path toward election reform.

Sen. Ed Markey, a Democrat, echoed Warnock’s sentiment in predicting massive federal election reform using the very tactic McConnell greenlit in order to raise the debt ceiling and subsequently tank the economy with more liberal spending.

With the time granted to Democrats, Mitch McConnell allowed key strategizing to occur right under his nose while Republicans achieve nothing except being guilty by omission regarding the state of our economy.

Now, according to Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, he has ample time to convince more moderate Democrats to change their tune on the filibuster.

“There is a strong belief in the Senate that we can restore the Senate and at the same time deal with voting rights, and that’s what we’re aiming to do,” Schumer said.

They aren’t even attempting to conceal their plan, and without any objection from McConnell or his RINO cohorts, federal election reform and Build Back Better seems all too likely.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney