RINO Susan Collins Betrays Party (Again)–Will Vote for Radical SCOTUS Nominee

From all appearances, Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court is a Trojan horse. Biden promised to put a woman of color on the bench. Instead of looking at credentials, he opted for identity politics. That allowed the radical left, who seem to be running the Democratic Party, to call the shots. They lobbied for an activist who once championed terrorist prisoners, Ketanji Brown Jackson, for the job. And what do ya know—Biden picked her.

Jackson’s Senate hearings only further showed her agenda. The woman has a long history of favoring or outright supporting radical causes. She has spoken favorably of people who push critical race theory. The fact that Democrats refused to submit her voting record before hearings was unheard of—and further signs that her history is unsavory and questionable.

And then there was the whole “I refuse to define the word woman,” thing. Yet leave it to a fair-weathered Republican to ensure this activist makes it on to the highest court in the land.

Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins said Tuesday that she will vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court…

“I have decided to support the confirmation of Judge Jackson to be a member of the Supreme Court,” said Collins, who opposed the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the fall of 2020, objecting that her nomination was too close to the presidential election.

The GOP senator said that Jackson had reassured her that she would not bend “the law to meet a personal preference,” saying that Jackson met Collins’ personal standards for Supreme Court justices. [Source: Daily Wire]

What a joke. Once again, Sen. Collins is foregoing whatever principles she professes to hold with the GOP to appease the D.C. swamp. Oh, Jackson reassured you that she wouldn’t let her “personal preferences” influence her decisions? Bull. Democrats will say anything, despite what we see to be plain as day. Why would Jackson suddenly uphold the law, when her entire career shows otherwise?

That is just a pathetic excuse that Collins is using to justify a cowardly move. Collins won re-election in 2020. She won’t be up for re-election until 2026, long after people have forgotten this betrayal. Heck, she might even retire by then—meaning she has zero reason to do anything to make Republicans happy.

But she has more than a few reasons to appease the corrupt Washington establishment. Collins needs to play ball for the next few years, to ensure a nice comfortable retirement. The last thing she is concerned with is supporting the platform of the Republican Party, which includes not support radical progressives who want to dismantle our Constitution.

Will Collins be around to defend her decision, when Jackson supports transgender rights? Will Collins answer for her vote when Jackson defends abortion and other heinous causes? Of course, not.

By then, she will have cashed out, never to be seen again.

Author: Bo Dogan