RINO-Backed “Infrastructure” Plan Spends Billions To Accomplish Nothing

It’s hard to say whose policies are worse for the country — the Democrats and their Radical Leftism, or the RINOs and their complacency with America’s current trajectory.

Either way, the “infrastructure” bill being agreed upon by the Democrat and Republican establishment just goes to show that the D.C. swamp will do anything and spend whatever it takes to transform America into a declining world power.

The new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill contains billions of dollars to upgrade border crossings — but no money at all for the southern border wall, which President Joe Biden abandoned, despite an ongoing surge of illegal migration.

Containing nearly 3000 pages of nonsense, this bill ensures that years of undoing is what will be required to correct the border disasters caused by the Biden administration.

Included in the bill is:

  • $3.4 billion for “construction, repairs, and alterations of border stations and land ports”
  • $2.5 billion for “projects on U.S. Custom and Border Protection 5-year plan (released in 2020 with border funds allocated before Biden scrapped the project)
  • $200 million for “border protection under the Department of Homeland Security” but nothing for Trump’s wall
  • $300 million for “furniture, fixtures, and equipment for modernized ports of entry”
  • And more!

Republicans have said that the estimated cost of not building the border wall has been $2 billion, given the expense that the Biden administration has incurred to pay military contractors to guard unused building materials at the border.

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee assured the public that the Republicans will attempt to amend the bill to include top priorities such as border wall construction and the rebuilding of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth