Right-Wing Schools Fight Back Against Liberal Insanity, See How….

What is the purpose of our public schools? If you ask any parent, they’d say public schools are supposed to provide a quality education. But that doesn’t seem to be the top priority for many teachers and other school administrators.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the people who teach our children care more about pushing their political agenda, than teaching them core subjects. That was pretty clear when parents fought to get critical race theory out of public schools. Democrats were so outraged that parents would stand up for their children, they sicced the FBI on them.

But it seems like pressure from parents is paying off. Because across the country, schools are taking steps to eliminate political messaging from their halls. And liberals don’t like it one bit.

An increasing number of schools across the country are banning LGBTQ “pride” and Black Lives Matter flags, calling them too political and divisive…

In August, an Oregon school district voted to ban LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter flags, as well as other “political” signs and articles of clothing.

“We don’t pay our teachers to push their political views on our students. That’s not their place,” [the school board director said]…

Davis School District in northern Utah also banned LGBTQ pride and Black Lives Matter flags from its buildings several years ago. [Source: Breitbart]

Schools in Oregon, Idaho, Missouri, and more have banned gay pride flags and BLM flags from school grounds. They claim these flags are political in nature and do not belong in public schools. Saying these flags are “divisive,” these schools instead actually want teachers to focus on educating the students instead.

Wow, what a bunch of racist bastards. How dare they focus on education over the teachers’ “right” to spread their toxic views?

As you can imagine, these moves have been met with applause from parents and outrage from liberal teachers. Teachers have resigned, walked out, or protested these decisions. That should tell you which side is on the right in this argument. Schools put the students and families first and suddenly the teachers protest.

How bankrupt and lost have our teachers become? They care more about pushing a political agenda than teaching their students reading, writing, and arithmetic. Maybe this is why America always struggles to compete with the educational systems around the world? Because our schools are full of political operatives more concerned with personal pronouns and identity politics than education.

The way things are going, it’s very likely more schools will start to ban these images. As parents become more vocal in defense of their children, school boards will have no choice but to respond. And, as we can predict, leftist teachers will riot.

Perhaps this will urge them to get out of the education business altogether?

Author: Mark Johnson