Residents Flee NY In Mass Exodus, City In Ruins

Recently, it was reported that major businesses are fleeing New York as a result of Democratic leadership in the wake of the COVID panic. The state’s leaders are panicking as they see a massive drop in tax revenue. But despite all their begging and pleading, the problem is getting worse. Now, many New York residents are making their “holiday” permanent.

We can go over the timeline again and again, but it won’t make any difference. In the early part of the year, Democrats ignored the threat of COVID-19. As Trump worked to close the border to China and protect the country, Democrats from coast to coast told Americans to pretend like nothing was wrong. By the time cases started to rise in March, the left was far too unprepared to “slow the spread.”

Their knee-jerk policy was to shut down their states, adding insult to injury. New York may have been the worse, as cases and deaths were higher there than everywhere else. Even as Americans fought to reopen the country, New York Democrats continue to push unreasonable and painful restrictions.

But the chickens are already coming home to roost. Even as other states have seen months of recovery, New York is a wasteland. The leaders are looking at a massive drop in tax revenue, thanks to their own decisions to shut down the economy. Even as the governor begs people to come back, it’s falling on deaf ears.

Because some people are gone for good.

New York City is reportedly suffering from a “mass exodus” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the New York Post, and the city — as well as other major cities like San Francisco, California — may never recover financially from the loss…

Cuomo even went so far as to admit that the top 1% of New Yorkers, most of whom live and work in Manhattan, represent 50% of the state’s income from taxes.

The Post says, however, most of those residents are planning to make their moves permanent.
“People are fleeing the city in droves,” one moving company head told the outlet. He added that “90 percent of the moves are to the suburbs and mostly families with kids worried about the school year. He’s packed people out of neighborhoods all over Manhattan.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Good job, Democrats! You shut down your economies thinking it would hurt Trump’s re-election chances. You didn’t bother to think about the massive damage it would do to your own people and states!

Did Democrats really think Americans would just sit around and take this abuse? New York families suffered tremendously from the Spring lockdowns. The last school year was decimated by drastic and unrealistic shutdowns. Fearing that would continue this Fall, the smart families (who could) moved out.

One moving company said 90% of those leaving Manhattan are families who just want their kids back in school.

Health experts have been banging the gong for months over the massive danger keeping schools closed posed for our children. Some, even those in the CDC, have said shutting schools down would create many more health problems for our nation’s students.

Online classes for elementary school children are a joke. Everyone with a brain knows that kids need to be out of the house, among friends, learning and growing. Even a terrible educational system as New York’s (I know, I grew up there) is better than having kids stuck in the house watching YouTube.

But Cuomo and the corrupt teacher’s union won’t commit to reopening the schools Even if the governor wants it, the media has done a good job of convincing Americans that Democrats want schools shuttered forever.

Can’t say I feel sorry for these “leaders.” Nor for the numbskulls who vote for them. If you want freedom and opportunity, stop electing Democrats.

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