Republicans Outline Plan To End Impeachment Sham

As we learn more about the left’s impeachment scheme, we see how much the fix was in. Democrats constructed a bogus case against the president—one not supported by evidence. Yet they will do everything they can to ensure the House votes to impeachment him. What are Republicans doing? A new report reveals their plan to defend the president and end this charade.

We don’t have to look back far to see the Democrats using the same, pathetic scheme to get Trump impeached. Before Ukraine, it was Russia. For over two years, Democrats accused Trump of “colluding” with Russia in order to hurt Hillary Clinton during in 2016. But Mueller’s report came out, proving he did no such thing.

Now, they are pushing the same lie, only with Ukraine. They want you to believe that Trump tried to get the aid of Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden—to squash the former VP’s chances in 2020.

If you are a braindead liberal who believes the fake news, that lie makes sense. After all, Trump did the same thing with Russia—why not Ukraine too?

The problem is, Democrats have invented these narratives. The only reason we’re talking about them is because of the left-wing media’s compliance.

But we know the facts. Donald Trump did not pressure Ukraine to do anything. In fact, he released the transcript of the call—proving he did not offer a “quid-pro-quo” nor did he threaten the foreign power.

Still, Democrats are pushing this impeachment inquiry, trying to get anyone close to the administration to testify against the president.

During all this, where is the GOP? Because Democrats control the House, they have prevented Republican congressmen from having their say in these hearings. But Republicans have not been sitting back doing nothing. As the left pushes this sham forward, the GOP have been outlining their battle plan. And they intend to defend the president to the death.

Top Republicans serving on panels involved in the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry into President Trump penned a memo to GOP members on those committees outlining “key points of evidence” from the closed-door inquiry ahead of public hearings slated to begin Wednesday…

They make the case that Democrats failed to present any evidence of quid pro quo in Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

They said Trump had a “deep-seated, genuine and reasonable skepticism of Ukraine and U.S. taxpayer-funded foreign aid” due to the country’s history of “pervasive corruption” since the collapse of the Soviet Union…

Another piece of evidence cited by the memo’s authors is that Ukrainian government officials interfered in the 2016 presidential election in opposition to Trump in an effort to sway the race in favor of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. [Source: Fox News]

Republicans’ argument is that Trump continued to cooperate with Ukraine, despite overwhelming evidence that the foreign country refused to help his administration. We provided aid to Ukraine even when they refused to investigate Joe Biden’s manipulation. We continued to help them, even though they did not investigate concerns Ukrainian officials tried to hurt Trump in 2016.

This suggests that Trump was, in fact, willing to help Ukraine, with no aid in return. That shatters the left’s argument that Trump was withholding aid unless Ukraine did his bidding (which is what Joe Biden did, by the way).

Republicans also call out how Adam Schiff has been conducting these interviews. Even though this process is unclassified, he held hearings behind closed doors in his “bunker” to control what information reached the public.

Why would he do that, unless he was trying to frame Trump regardless of what the evidence proved? That alone invalidates this entire impeachment push—as the man leading the inquiry is biased beyond a shadow of doubt.

These arguments are strong enough for the House not to vote for impeaching the president. But even if Democrats do vote against him—the Senate will shoot this scheme down.

Republican Senators will consider this memo ample evidence to prove that the left has run away with their scheme.

And guess what? Americans will agree.

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