Republicans Make Biden Pay For His Failures

Joe Biden fails at just about everything he touches, but there is one thing he’s wildly successful at: projecting weakness.

The lack of strength was glaring obvious this week when Biden announced he would give in to Taliban demands to withdrawal all remaining U.S. troops by the original Aug 31 deadline regardless if American citizens were still trapped in the country.

Biden chose to honor the self-imposed timeline after the Taliban threatened the United States with “consequences” for potentially extending it. Biden’s decision ran counter to numerous calls from U.S. lawmakers and Western leaders to stay in Afghanistan until all evacuation operations are completed.

The fledgling commander in chief spurred a wave of backlash, mainly from Republicans, after announcing his decision to follow Taliban orders.

Ben Shapiro – leading conservative intellectual and political commentator – expressed his dismay that “…the Taliban are dictating terms to the President of the United States…”

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw — a U.S. war veteran — blasted Biden, saying, “The world just witnessed the President of the United States take orders from a band of barbaric terrorists…”

Top GOP Senator Ted Cruz kept it succinct in his condemnation of Biden’s decision to follow Taliban orders:

Biden decided against the extension after meeting with the leaders of several U.S. allies at an emergency G7 summit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the meeting in part to lobby Biden to extend the deadline. Currently, the U.S. controls Kabul’s airport that is facilitating the evacuation plans for numerous countries.

Biden rebuffed U.S. allies and instead kept to the deadline, heading warnings from the Pentagon that staying in the country past August 31 could spark violence after the Taliban’s threats.

The Taliban threatened Biden against moving the deadline over the weekend after the president suggested that he may leave U.S. forces in Kabul to continue evacuating American citizens and allies from Afghanistan.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth