Republicans Issue Dire Warning After Off-The-Record Meeting With Mayorkas

Republicans are growing increasingly concerned about the state of the US-Mexico border after news broke of Biden’s intention to end a key Trump-era immigration policy that prevented mass migration during a pandemic.

On Monday, it was revealed Title 42 would be abolished sometime in late May — adding to the anxiety surrounding the border crisis. The month of May marks the beginning of usual upticks in illegal immigration due to warmer weather, so the decision to abolish Title 42 truly couldn’t come at a worse time.

On Tuesday, House GOP lawmakers met with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to discuss the Biden administration’s plan to handle a summer influx of illegal border crossers without the ability to deport under Title 42.

Attendees left the Tuesday meeting with Mayorkas visibly frustrated and immediately began voicing their concerns on social media. Republicans have echoed the concerns of most Americans who find it necessary to enforce current immigration law and now allow aliens to roam the country unencumbered by basic enforcement policies.

and a large majority of the American people  House GOP lawmakers on Tuesday emerged from a closed-door meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas visibly frustrated, asserting they believe the administration needs to alter its course on United States-Mexico border policy.

After the rare briefing between the cabinet official and House members from the minority party, lawmakers urged the Biden administration to change course on how it plans to handle another influx of illegal immigrants.

The DHS expects up to 18,000 migrants per day to enter the country illegally in the wake of Title 42 being revoked, which has been a cause for worry among Republicans.

Meanwhile, the decision to end Title 42 was obviously not done to finally bring an end to pandemic-era emergency policies that are no longer applicable in today’s context.

Oh no.

The Democrats are desperate to destroy what they call “whiteness” in America’s suburbs. They want to import entirely new populations of people from third world countries, promise them the world in regards to federal handouts, and pressure the immigrants to vote Democrat.


Democrats are in charge for decades and decades to come.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth