Republicans Demand Stricter Voting Laws After 2020 Debacle

GOP lawmakers across the country are calling for stricter voting rules after the disaster that was the 2020 election

Republican lawmakers are flooding their state legislators with bills that will severely alter the rules regarding voting, mail-in-ballots and more. States have nearly tripled the amount of restrictive legislation that would prevent Democrats from stealing another election. 

New voting rules have been proposed in states like Texas, who has long been battling Democrat voting fraud tactics. However, states with more recent voting problems such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada are just now entering the fight for voter integrity. Keep in mind these are the states that miraculously ‘flipped’ for Biden after Trump swept in 2016.

Georgia flipped blue for the first time in nearly 30 years and Republicans are seeking to ensure no funny business is ever had again.

An historic bill was recently introduced, requiring a photo ID for everyone casting a vote outside of official polling places. Voters would be required to present a photo ID before receiving a mail-in-ballot and after it was sent off.

The liberal ‘voting rights’ groups have already voiced their concern, claiming new bills would disproportionally affect voters of color. This conspiracy is easily disproven. A leader of one of these groups had this to say:

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