Republicans Come Up With Genius Plan To Stave Off Freeloaders

You’ve probably noticed the shocking lack of help in your city over the last few months. Everything from grocery stores to restaurants to hotels are struggling to find good workers to fill spots. It has led to long waits, a lack of service, and even closed businesses. And it is all thanks to Joe Biden.

Socialist Joe’s approach to “helping” the economy was to shell out billions of dollars that we didn’t have, to pay people not to work. Just as the country was reopening big time, Biden was giving people an incentive to stay home. This kind of arrangement is not sustainable—and will backfire on those choosing not to work. Not to mention have dire consequences on businesses still reeling from the COVID panic.

So, some states have decided free money is not worth a broken economy. They are banding together to reject Biden’s additional federal unemployment, to encourage workers to get off their butts and find a job. Oh and, big surprise, all these states are led by Republicans.

On Monday, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSanis added the Sunshine State to the growing list of states that have officially decided to turn away COVID-era federal unemployment benefits, saying the total package of benefits has become so large that residents are not returning to work.

At least 23 Republican-led states — including Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio and South Carolina — have announced they will stop accepting the benefits, citing growing unemployment despite job availabilities. Republicans have led the way on this issue, but difficulty hiring has been a bipartisan problem hitting states led by both parties. [Source: Just the News]

Most of these states are ending the program quickly. Some, like Texas, will end the federal handouts by mid-June.

What’s shocking is that this worker shortage isn’t just being felt in red states. All over the country, businesses are struggling to fill spots with employees. All this extra aid from the government is giving many people reason to just stay at home. Yet only Republicans are willing to admit that this gravy train has to end—if we want to have an economy.

Why is it that Democrats appear obsessed with giving away other people’s money? They can see how these unemployment benefits are hurting our country. Both those getting these checks and the companies who need workers are suffering. Yet Democrats want to shell out more free money, ignoring the devastating consequences.

It’s as if welfare is some kind of religion to the left. And, like all religious zealots, they blindly follow their tenets, despite how wrong they are. And if you challenge them on it, they brand you a heretic and seek to destroy you.

But the facts are clear. American won’t be able to have a “post-COVID boom” if people are getting paid to not work. The country won’t be able to rally—and compete with the rest of the world—if employees can’t find good staff to hire.

The fallout? Businesses will be forced to hire illegal aliens just to fill the gaps. Good thing Joe Biden has destroyed our border, so hundreds of thousands of illegals are entering the country. Just as he is paying Americans not to work, he is importing countless low-wage workers to take their place.

It’s almost as if he did this on purpose, huh?

Author: Alexander Smith