Republicans Are Gaining On Democrats – Democrat Fortress Flips Red

Since the 2020 Election, things have not gone well for Democrats. Sure, they are in charge of the federal government. But what has that gotten them? In-fighting and utter incompetence have shown the country Democrats cannot lead. America is being hammered by numerous crises, as Biden sits around and does nothing.

We shouldn’t be surprised that voters are already striking back. Several high-profile special elections have been held this year—with Republicans scoring upset wins. In Texas, a border town with over 80% Hispanic residents elected their first conservative mayor. In Connecticut, they flipped a state Senate seat.

Now, a seat held by Democrats for decades has been won by a Republican in another state.

A longtime Democrat-held Iowa state House District has fallen to Republican candidate Jon Dunwell, according to projections. He won roughly 60% of the vote in a special election Tuesday.

The seat, which has been held by Democrats for decades, will now be filled by a Republican for the first time since 1992…

Back in 2018, the margin in the district was nearly completely flipped, with Democrat Wes Breckenridge taking 58.7% of the vote to the Republican candidate’s 41.2%. [Source: Daily Wire]

Well, look at that? In just three years, the margins were totally flipped. A Republican won a special election to nab a once deep-blue district in Iowa. This district helped push the entire state to support Obama in 2008 and 2012. But today, it just picked its first Republican in a long time.

The entire state is leaning more and more conservative. Trump won it in both elections. It was probable that Democrats thought this seat was safe. A Democrat was vacating it to pursue another career. It should have been a routine move to ensure it stayed in liberal hands.

Instead, a former pastor and Republican will now be filling that seat, to the horror of leftists everywhere.

Political strategists can’t help but worry if this is a sign of things to come. Joe Biden’s approval is in the toilet. Millions of Americans are outraged at his failed leadership and inability to help America recover. Republicans and independents are turning on him. Worse for the left, Democrats are losing faith as Biden breaks most of his campaign promises.

That does not result in a winning strategy, come election time. Republicans and independents will surge to the polls to election opposition, while Democrats—ticked off at Biden—will stay home.

Biden’s track record this year continues to disappoint. If he can turn around supply chain issues in time for Christmas, he will have millions of angry families coming after him. And what about next year? Does anyone think Biden can turn the tide (of his own making) in time for November 2022?

Author: Mike Graham