Republican Women Make History As They Scoop Up House Seats

For decades, Democrats have claimed to be the pro-female, feminist party. In fact, they continue to this day to accuse conservatives of being sexist and anti-women. They throw around words like “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchy” to slander people to hold to traditional values. You’d think that means most American women consider themselves Democrats?

In recent years, that hasn’t been the case. It seems that the harder Democrats pushed their radical reinvention of women—through politics and pop culture—more women have rejected it. Democrats have tried very hard to “liberate” women from perceived oppression. But what that’s really turned into is a push to get more women to vote for leaders who support abortion, dismantle the family, and force transgenderism onto children.

Perhaps that’s why more and more women don’t even consider themselves feminists these days. That might also explain the record number of women who just took House seats from incumbents. And they are all Trump-loving Republicans.

At least 13 female Republican candidates have been declared winners this week in their House races – including the holster-wearing Colorado business woman who scrapped to keep open her pub amid strict coronavirus rules…

As many as 33 Republican female candidates could win House seats after vote counting is concluded, according to at least one news account. Win totals so far this week already double the number of female GOP House members now serving. [Source: Just the News]

What! How could this be? Not only did Republicans take House seats from Democrats—but many of them were women!? We’ve been told that Republicans hate women and do everything in their power to oppress them. That only Democrats have women’s best interests at heart and can actually help them.

I guess that narrative doesn’t ring true for many women—and the people who voted for them.

Not only is this a loss for those Democrats who lost their seats, but it’s a loss for the lie that Republicans are sexists who hate women. After all, why the heck would they vote for all these women leaders… if they just want women “in the kitchen”?

Meanwhile, the only hostility we’ve seen toward women, these days, is from liberals who attack proud, successful conservative women. Do I have to remind you of what liberals said about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret? Everything about her accomplishments should have inspired women from both parties to celebrate her. She is a respected judge, wife, and mother. ACB proves you can have a successful career—becoming a SCOTUS justice—while still being a loving family woman.

But because she’s conservative (and a devout Christian), they hated her. Hmm… hard to convince Americans that your pro-women, when you attack the ones you don’t like.

Maybe that’s why Republican women are seeing so much success. It’s because they are in the party that actually does support women?

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