Republican Party Honors Trump In Incredible New Way

Former President Trump was given high honors by the Republican Party in Alabama. The deep-red GOP presented Trump with a resolution declaring him “one of the greatest” Presidents in “American history.” 

Every Alabama Republican agreed. The resolution passed unanimously and claimed, “Trump has done more in 48 months than Joe Biden has done in 48 years.” 

Trump was presented with this honor in his home at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. 

“We’re recognizing President Trump for all of the great things he did for America. During his four years Trump brought back American manufacturing, built up the military, secured the borders, and created a strong economy that Biden is hell bent on destroying,” a leader of the Alabama Republican Party said. 

Trump has inspired many state Republican parties to speak out following his 2024 CPAC teaser. 

In fact, the Former President was far-and-away the most popular Republican at CPAC garnering 55% in the favorability straw poll. 

“We love him in Alabama. America loves him, and he got 75 million votes for a reason, and I’m speaking basically for 75 million people in America,” Hooper added.

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