Republican Coalition Drops a Bomb On Pelosi – She’s Out Of a Job

It seems while Americans have struggled to defend their rights under Dictator Biden, few Republicans in D.C. have done anything about it. Sure, Republicans are in a minority in Congress right now, but many of them have refused to push against Biden’s toxic agenda. Some, to the shock of voters, actually voted for his “infrastructure” bill, both in the House and Senate.

Most of this year, we’ve seen state leaders make progress against Biden’s schemes. Conservative states have passed pro-life bills, created “sanctuaries” for the Second Amendment, and fought to undermine many of Biden’s far-left policies. But finally, we are seeing some Republicans in Washington take a stand against one of Biden’s worse decisions.

The House Freedom Caucus formally informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday that its members will not vote to fund the federal government while the Biden administration maintains vaccine mandates on government and private sector employees.

The conservative group wrote in a letter to the speaker that it views the coronavirus vaccine mandates as “unconstitutional” and divisive, and they warned their implementation would result in mass job losses that destroy livelihoods and threaten national security. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow, Republicans in D.C. actually standing up for Americans instead of cowering to the left? It’s almost as if Trump was still in office! The House Freedom Caucus warned Biden’s hatchet woman, old Nance, that if Congress didn’t do anything about Biden’s vaccine mandate, they would not be supporting a bill to keep the government open.

They came at the mandate from a unique, but relevant angle. They pointed out that this mandate would cause numerous uniformed servicemembers to lose their jobs. Not just in our military, but in other branches such as the CBO, law enforcement, defense contractors, and more. They warned “thousands” of men and women would be out of work—and the government would suffer because of it.

Holding government funding for ransom is appropriate. How could they in good conscience fund a government that is firing thousands of workers? How could they provide money for this crooked system, when it refuses to support or defend the people who help it operate?

The caucus by itself cannot stop the funding from going through, but this could very well urge more Republicans to join their side. If they get enough support in the House, a funding bill would fail. That would be even easier in the Senate, where moderates and Republicans can easily achieve a majority vote.

Many Americans have wondered why Congress does nothing to confront Biden’s radical policies and decisions. But now, Pelosi will be forced to take a stand. Will she side with Americans and push back against Biden’s mandate? Or will she show herself a coward and ignore this warning?

Author: James Smith