Reporter Tries to Stump Trump with Impeachment Question — POTUS Fires Back Brilliantly

This week, a reporter tried to shame Trump with a question about impeachment. He seemed to be criticizing Trump over his continued use of Twitter. The reporter went on to ask Trump what “lesson” he learned from the Democrats’ bogus impeachment. The president gave him an earful.

Damn, the left hasn’t learned. They spent months–years really–building a bogus (and might say illegal) scheme to oust the rightfully-elected President of the United States. The left-wing establishment cooked up an impeachment to remove Trump, just because they hate how much he’s winning for regular folks like you and me.

Defying the odds, Trump was victorious. In fact, during the months House Democrats rolled out their crooked scheme, the president scored some of his biggest victories of his presidency (so far). That includes the passage of the USCMA deal and the Phase One Deal with China. Not to mention record fundraising and rising approval numbers.

Yet Democrats in the media still think Trump was guilty and that he should feel lucky their half-baked, ridiculous scheme flopped. A reporter tried to shame Trump by discussing impeachment and a few stupid comments made by Sen. Murkowski.

“Lisa Murkowski earlier said that you shouldn’t have gotten involved with the Roger Stone case, she said it’s just bad,” a reporter said. “Some Republicans have said they hoped you would learn a lesson from impeachment. What lesson did you learn from impeachment?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, the left still doesn’t get it. This scumbag, insider reporter is talking down to the president like a teacher scolding a child. “What lesson did you learn, little Donald? M-hm? Now, go and apologize for what you did!”

This idiot thinks Trump is worried about what a two-bit senator from Alaska thinks about his tweets. Trump had every right to weigh in on the sham sentencing of Roger Stone. The man was facing nine years in prison over a non-violent offense. It was a travesty of justice. And, if no one else was going to stand up for him, Trump was.

Because the president is not a cowardly politician (Republican or Democrat) who is too spineless to go to bat for someone in need.

Murkowski should be ashamed of what she said. Worse than that, this idiot reporter should have bitten back his arrogant, judgemental question and sanctimonious attitude.

But fear not, patriotic reader. Because Trump was not about to play his game. He threw back the question and–as the proverb says–heaped burning coals on this liberal’s head.

Trump responded, “That the Democrats are crooked, they’ve got a lot of crooked things going, that they’re vicious, that they shouldn’t have brought impeachment and that my poll numbers are 10 points higher because of fake news like NBC, which reports that news very inaccurately, probably more inaccurately than CNN if that’s possible.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In a word: boom. This reporter had the gall to suggest it was Trump who did something wrong and should have learned his lesson. “Oh boy,” he wanted Trump to say, “I sure don’t want the Democrats coming after me again! I better just get in line and do whatever they say.”

Not quite. Trump took the opportunity to hammer the corrupt, insider swamp dwellers that make up the Democratic Party. He pulled no punches, doubling, nay tripling down on his long-time assertion that Democrats are crooked and vicious.

That’s not what that reporter was expecting. That’s not what the Democrats wanted. They were hoping impeachment would be a shot across the bow. That it would scare Trump into becoming a typical, weak, unimpressive career politician (like the kind that usually infest the Republican Party). One who talks the talk, but never walks the walk.

Sorry, not sorry. You took your shot, Dems, and missed. Now, you’ll suffer the consequences.

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