Report Emerges That Proves W.H.O. Conspired to Lie to the World

Despite their epic failure over the COVID-19 crisis, many on the left still defend the World Health Organization. They were outraged when President Trump cut funding for this U.N. group. But now, new evidence suggests Trump was right all along. What W.H.O did, in obedience to China, is downright criminal.

Here’s a tweet you should not forget anytime soon:

Notice the date? The World Health Organization posted that on January 14, 2020. At the time of this writing, they have yet to take down this post. That’s right, W.H.O. continues to incriminate itself, reminding us that once, they parroted the Chinese Communist Party’s claim that COVID-19 could not be transmitted from person-to-person.

You may be asking yourself, “So what?” Perhaps, at that time, W.H.O. really believed China’s findings about the virus. Well, that’s a bit of a sticky point, isn’t it? By mid-January, cases of the virus had been popping up in other parts of the world. Country’s like South Korea and Japan were already dealing with it. There was even one documented case in the United States. To push the idea that it was not transmissible among humans was clearly wrong.

Yet W.H.O. pushed this idea, without any apparent attempts to question China’s claim. Now we know why.

Weekly Der Spiegel reported that Xi asked [W.H.O. chief] Tedros during the call to hold back information about human-to-human transmission of the virus and delay declaring a pandemic. The magazine quoted Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, BND, which declined to comment Sunday.

Der Spiegel also claimed that the BND concluded up to six weeks of time to fight the outbreak had been lost due to China’s information policy.

The U.N. agency said Tedros and Xi “have never spoken by phone” and added that “such inaccurate reports distract and detract from WHO’s and the world’s efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic.” [Source: Breitbart]

Of course, W.H.O. is actively trying to deny this report. But let’s go over the details, shall we? COVID-19 first emerged in late October/early November. Doctors from China tried to spread the word, but were quickly silenced by their government. By December, China was taking drastic measures to confront the disease locally. By January, it had already spread to foreign lands—even the United States. The CDC tried to get involved, but China destroyed samples of the virus.

There is ample evidence to suggest that from the start, they knew this disease was infectious. Yet why would the World Health Organization, as late as January 14, say it was not transmissible? Then where was this disease coming from? How were people catching it? They provided no answers.

Only on February 11, much too late, did W.H.O. even bother to declare it a pandemic. By then, the world lost valuable time. Had we the facts back in December, the situation would have been much different.

I think it’s a fair assumption that China bent W.H.O.’s arm to get them to sit on this news for a while. Perhaps the communist government misled the org, claiming they just needed time to “study” the disease. But I don’t think anyone can doubt, at this point, that W.H.O. was doing China’s bidding. Whether they were being deliberately dishonest or were just witless pawns, it doesn’t matter.

Their gross negligence cost the world thousands of lives. Not to mention the economic devastation caused by panic-induced shut downs.

All that said, the World Health Organization, much like China, cannot expect to weasel their way out of their responsibility. Much of the blame for the crisis falls on their shoulders. Their entire existence is to protect the health of the world. Considering all that’s happen, do you think they’re doing a very good job of that?

President Trump was wise to cut aid. But more must be done. Other nations need to join the U.S. in demanding accountability from this org. Otherwise, they’ll continue to lie and jeopardize the world.

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