Ratings Plummet For Pro Sports After ‘Woke’ Policy Changes

After months of virtually zero sporting events and coverage, two major leagues returned to heavily modified seasons and games. The NBA and MLB returned with games played in empty stadiums but broadcasted live on TV. But something new was added: aggressive virtual signaling to support radical leftist policies. How has that worked among American viewers and fans? Eh… not well.

Professional sports leagues faced a massive challenge, thanks to the COVID panic. With the government forcing large events to be canceled, games couldn’t be held as usual. Even now, health “experts” continue to predict the worst, even as Americans push to go back to normal. Sports leagues, stuck between a rock and a hard place, delayed their seasons as long as they could.

If those athletes wanted to earn their overblown salaries, though, they would have to play.

The NBA and MLB agreed to hold games in empty stadiums. As odd as that looked, it would at least provide Americans with the entertainment they missed for months, right? Not quite. Because, along with the eerie, odd absence of fans, athletes had free rein to virtual signal endlessly. Nearly every player knelt during the National Anthem, as the leagues embraced other ways to show off their “wokeness” and support for radical, left-wing, hate-driven politics.

How did that go over with millions of fans who just wanted to watch a game? Not well. Not well, at all.

As the NBA and MLB return from their coronavirus-imposed hiatus, it appears TV viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have to offer.

With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned-in to the rest of the week’s games.

According to, neither league did well. [Source: Breitbart]

On opening night, two NBA games enjoyed viewership of 3.4 million and 2.4 million respectively. Pretty decent numbers in this day-and-age. For the MLB, two games saw 4 million viewers and 2.8 million viewers respectively.

But after fans watched the pathetic displays of support for hated groups like BLM, they quickly tuned out.

The second night was a bloodbath. The MLB saw millions of fans drop out. Two of the games didn’t even break the 1 million mark. The NBA’s ratings were even more shocking, with games that only brought in 1.7 and 1.3 million.

Keep in mind, this is after months of zero professional sports. Americans should have been excited to watch their teams finally return. But something happened between the first night and second night that turned everyone off.

Hmm… what could it have been? Perhaps it had to do with the fact that these sports leagues have been forcing politics down Americans’ throats? Can’t we have a break from the left’s endless nonsense and virtual signaling for at least the length of a game?

Americans were already sick of years’ of high-paid athletes (and celebrities) lecturing them about our support for Trump. What’s amazing is that these arrogant players don’t realize that blue-collar Americans don’t appreciate being scolded to by men who earn millions of dollars a year.

It’s pretty pathetic, considering most Americans are still stuck indoors thanks to COVID panic. While many states are reopened (to a degree), there isn’t much going on this Summer. Millions of fans watched the Tom Brady/Tiger Woods charity golf game back in May, which saw 6.3 million viewers. Yet they’d rather watch Tiger King again, than sit through a pathetic MLB or NBA game.

For a country starved for sports content, the NBA and MLB really made a mess of things. Instead of uniting fans with a triumphant return, they used the empty stadiums as an excuse to virtue signal. I wonder if those players or teams would have spent so much time on politics if fans were in the stands?

Doesn’t matter now, does it? What’s even more hilarious is that the NFL is planning even more woke content when they return for the Fall season.

Gee, I wonder how bad their ratings will be?

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