Ratings For This Year’s DNC Are Alarming – See Why…

The Democrats opted for a virtual-only convention, with speakers sending in pre-recorded videos. Most of the keynote speeches were from notable liberals, who spent most of the time complaining about Donald Trump. The Democrats ignored the country’s challenges and refused to take responsibility for their bad leadership. And now, it looks like few people tuned in to watch this trash fire.

Did you watch any of this weeks’ Democratic National Convention? I’m seriously asking. I don’t know why anyone would spend one evening of their life listening to entitled, privileged liberals tell them everything’s their fault.

Instead of inspiring Americans to work for a better future, the Democrats dragged out the same tired attacks against Donald Trump. Obama even accused Trump of the very things he did in his 8 years at the White House.

Bill Clinton lectured Donald Trump on how to behave “properly” in the Oval Office. Did he mean, like, with an intern under the desk?

The Democrats offered little in the way of policy promises or vision. And it seems Americans weren’t impressed by the likes of Michelle Obama, John Kasich, and Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC), which is virtual this year because of coronavirus-related precautions, has struggled badly with ratings.

According to numerous reports, DNC viewership this year has “jumped off a ratings cliff,” as radio host Hugh Hewitt put it…

“According to Nielsen the six biggest TV networks averaged a combined total of 19 million viewers during the 10 p.m. hour, which was the only hour that NBC, ABC and CBS showed live,” CNN reported Tuesday. “The same six networks had almost 25 million viewers combined during the first night of the DNC in 2016.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Even with many Americans still stuck inside thanks to COVID lockdowns, the ratings were in the toilet. What? How could that be? Who wouldn’t want to tune in to see this?

Many outlets were pushing this convention, even to those who didn’t want to see it. Ads for the DNC popped up on streaming apps like Hulu and Roku. Yet Americans would rather do anything else, even stare at the wall, than watch Democrats grimace at a camera.

Hey, I think I know where all their viewers are! They’re outside rioting! What were you thinking, Democrats? All your buddies are too busying burning down churches, spray-painting historic monuments, and beating up bystanders!

That explains everything!

Or perhaps most Americans, especially voters, have no interest in hearing what Democrats have to say. Democrats have put Americans through hell this year. Thanks to their bogus impeachment, the government didn’t pay any attention to the crisis that was COVID brewing overseas. Democrats continued to ignore it all the way until March, when it was too late.

They locked down our states, putting millions out of work. They shuttered churches and arrested barbershop owners. Then, even while we were still stuck inside, Democrats turned a blind eye to wild riots and looting. They even applauded the rioters—and ignored the threat those protests had to COVID spread.

Then, to add insult to injury, they promised to defund police departments, just as they were needed the most.

From all appearances, it seems like Democrats want to destroy America. And they are so shocked that we refused to watch their pathetic, phony speeches about how bad Trump is?

The really pathetic thing is, Democrats might never learn. They keep pushing terrible, far-left policies, spreading hate and fear, expecting us all to just obey.

Only when they are utterly wiped out electorally, will they learn how far they’ve fallen from the average American.

But even then, will they learn?

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