Ratcliffe Tears Biden a New One After Learning What He Bought From China

Just how bad of a president is Joe Biden? At this point, his failures are well documented. The whole world witnessed his spectacular defeat in Afghanistan, as he bowed again and again to the Taliban. But that was only the tip of the iceberg in a seemingly endless line of foolish decisions.

What’s even more stunning is that Biden refuses to learn from his mistakes. Even though every move outrages Americans and leads to disaster, he keeps making them. I guess that proves he is incapable of leading with a shred of intelligence.

His latest blunder was so bad, it sparked criticism from a former Director of National Intelligence. And it’s a doozy.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the Biden administration’s move to buy Chinese drones for federal law enforcement was perplexing and that the move jeopardized U.S. national security…

“Like so much that Biden administration has done on national security lately, this makes very little sense,” Ratcliffe said. “It’s harmful to our national security. And also, Chinese drone technology is not as good as U.S. drone technology. So it’s hard to make sense out of what’s doing this, other than it is consistent with the Biden administration taking a softer approach, trying to promote a false narrative that somehow China is a competitor and not an adversary.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, we find Biden doing something that favors foreigners instead of Americans. Why would Biden buy Chinese-made drones? For years, we’ve known that electronics from Chinese companies are compromised. We can’t trust that this equipment doesn’t contain ways for the Chinese to spy on us.

On top of that, Ratcliffe reports that this technology is not as good as America’s drone tech. Why on earth would buy these drones—and for law enforcement to boot!?

We know why. Biden is the president of “America Last.” He is far more concerned with pushing policy that benefits the ruling elite, special interest groups, globalists, and foreign powers. Anyone, it seems, besides the American people.

At this point, he appears to be going out of his way to ignore Americans. His own press secretary dismissed concerns from reporters, claiming they were being too “dark.” Yet what they were concerned with was the overwhelming number of bad approval ratings Biden is getting from every outlet in the country.

When even liberal-leaning polls have Biden at 38% approval, you’d think the administration would be paying attention. But no, Biden and his staff are ignoring Americans’ cries of anger to push a nonsensical agenda.

We’ll see just badly this blows up in their faces soon.

Author: Albert Jones