Rand Paul Issues This Ultimatum To Republicans During Senate Trial

By Adam Casalino January 17th, 2020 | Image Source: The Hill

Nancy Pelosi finally sent her bogus impeachment articles to the Senate so we can finally have a fair and legitimate trial.

But already Democrats are trying to rig the system and manipulate how the trial will go. Some, like Chuck Schumer, want to bring in witnesses, just to give the left a do-over.

And, to the shock of many, some moderate Republicans have been voicing their support.

That would turn this real trial, one built around fairness and law, into yet another Democrat-run circus.

Rand Paul has had enough. He gave an uncharacteristic warning to his Senate colleagues.

Back the president, or face serious consequences.

From Biz Pac Review:

Sen. Rand Paul warned his Republican colleagues to stand strong behind President Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial or risk political suicide as voters will be “very, very unhappy with them.”

The Kentucky lawmaker believes there will be a “political price to pay” for Republicans who vote to allow Democrats to call the witnesses of their choice in the process.

Boom! Rand Paul dropped a bomb on his Republican Senate members. He said if they don’t show strong support for the president, they will be sorry come the 2020 Election.

We all knew that this impeachment was a sham from the start. The Democrats in the House abused their power to force through a bogus impeachment.

They actually thought they could remove Trump from office over non-crimes.

No Republican in their right minds should entertain this nonsense.

By law, there must be a trial. But Mitch McConnell has stated very clearly that he will cooperate with the president.

This is Trump’s chance to have a fair trial and clear his name. This is not the chance for Democrats to re-do their botched investigation.

If they couldn’t do a good job in the House, why should we let them try it again in the Senate?

Only a handful of Republicans are entertaining the idea that the left should call more bogus “witnesses.” That would only throw more monkey wrenches, delays, and confusion into an already ridiculous impeachment.

Rand makes it clear, if you do that, voters will be “very, very unhappy.”

Umm… yep!

Americans are sick and outraged over this impeachment. Few are behind this nonsense. We want it over, so that Trump can continue to win for the American people.

And, by the way, we want every last House Democrat who voted for impeachment to be removed. So that Trump can have a Congress that will work with him, not against him.

Senate Republicans have to see that, or suffer the consequences.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Rand Paul Gives Wimpy Republicans His Ultimatum – Stand Up For Trump Or You Are Going To Lose In 2020

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