Rand Paul Gets Sweet Revenge On Fauci For Lies

If there has been one consistent thing about the last year during the pandemic, it’s that Anthony Fauci would change his mind. The infectious disease expert has led the charge, spreading fear and paranoia about the China virus since early last year. It was largely thanks to his “leadership” that America has suffered so much due to lockdowns and “social distancing.”

But the media and the left prop him up as some kind of golden god, even when he reverses his previous recommendation. Back in March of last year, he said that Americans didn’t need to wear masks saying, “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Just a short time later, he said that everyone, including babies, needed to wear a mask. He claimed that “40%” of the infected had no symptoms but could spread the virus.

It seems Fauci will just say anything to continue to impose fear-based restrictions on the country. Whatever made us more worried about the disease—more prone to upend our normal lives—he was all for it. Regardless of whether any of it made sense, was scientific, or actually helped.

Now, Sen. Ron Paul is hitting him hard.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) — who also happens to be a doctor — is not a big fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

But he went one step further in his criticism last week when he said the top U.S. immunologist spouts “noble lies.” …

“But you have to remember that his lies are noble lies, Laura. He’s not telling you this because he’s a mean man. He’s telling you this because he feels sorry for you because you don’t understand, and Americans aren’t smart enough to make informed decisions. So, he fashions himself some sort of Greek philosopher. He tells you these noble lies.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Paul has been harsh to Fauci for months, now. During Senate hearings, he would slam the supposed expert and his ever-changing views of the virus. Sen. Paul has been one of very few leaders who has the guts to publicly call out this man—who has been wrong for more often than he’s been right.

By now, it seems few Americans even trust Fauci’s claims. He’s even been forced to admit he was wrong many times. Fauci even once said he deliberately lied in order not to spread worry.

Uh… this man admitted he lied to manipulate the public. Shouldn’t that discount him from saying anything ever again?

That’s like saying, “Okay, I lied to you about this deadly disease before, but this time, I’m telling the truth!” Who’s going to believe him?

The only people who seem to even care what Fauci says anymore is the leftist media, who uses his most-recent claims to continue to stoke fears of COVID. They are becoming even more desperate to keep COVID panic alive, as cases drop and more and more people return to normal life.

Is Fauci hyping up this disease just to get more attention and respect? Is he spreading these “noble lies” just so his face can appear on billboards and CNN?

I think we all can agree that many more people than just Paul are sick of Fauci’s claims.

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