Race Activist Unleashes Anti-White Tirade With No Consequences

Vocal opponent of Critical Race Theory Christopher Rufo was at the receiving end of an insane anti-white tirade brought down by popular racial activist and known anti-white crusader, Marc Lamont.

Lamont grilled Rufo, asking the CRT critic why kids in school shouldn’t be taught “whiteness” is a negative aspect of society?

The racist activists even asked Rufo:

“What do you even like about being white?”

Rufo wholly rejected the premise, saying “whiteness” was a census term and not necessarily an indication of culture.

Rufo again rejected the progressive insistence that public schools systematically ascribe traits like timeliness, objectivity, and rationality to “whiteness.”

“These are very strange things to be ascribed to a racial identity. Actually, these things should be ascribed to every individual human being regardless of whatever racial category we impose on them.”

Lamont Hill closed the segment by reiterating the necessity of critical race theory in schools so educators can “expose” whiteness, listing off several disadvantages some black Americans are born into.

However, what Hill fails to realize is the power of the individual. Not all blacks, and not all whites are slotted into the same position in life just because their skin happens to be a certain color.

Author: Val Dohm