Putin Takes Bold Step For Russian Independence After Western Companies Flee

If Western governments and giant corporations thought that Vladimir Putin was going to take this beating lying down they have another thing coming.

The military incursion into Ukraine is a genocidal mistake on the part of Russia’s President; however, Putin doesn’t appear to be backing down and in fact is retaliating against those Western corporations who’ve attacked innocent Russian citizens by fleeing the country.

Russian prosecutors have threatened to arrest leaders of Western companies in Russia who criticize the government or plan to withdraw from the country, recent reports reveal.

Prosecutors warned leaders of Western companies that they may be subject for arrest after a growing number of businesses have publicly criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and suspended operations in Russia, citing people familiar with the matter.

The warnings were directed at companies across several industries including food, technology, clothing and banking. The companies reportedly warned include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, IBM, and KFC owner Yum Brands.

The boycotts have had zero effect on Putin himself but deal a major blow to the average Russian citizen who has no say in the goings on of their government. When left with the choice to let a nation starve or not, it appears these companies made the wrong choice.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced late last week his support for laws that would nationalize assets of foreign companies that left Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported. The legislation is intended to prevent further job losses in Russia and increase the Kremlin’s ability to manufacture goods domestically.

Many companies that have elected to suspend operations in Russia say the move is temporary, while some added their decision was necessary due to the disruptions sanctions had on supply chain issues.

Mercedes-Benz said in its annual report Friday that the company could lose as much as $2.2 billion if its assets in Russia are seized. The car giant temporarily suspended exports to Russia on March 2, so they really only have themselves to blame.

Over 350 companies have said they are leaving Russia or temporarily suspending operations.

And has this deterred Putin’s military advancement in Ukraine?

Absolutely not. It’s all about which company can be more ‘woke’ at the expense of innocent people living in the region. Sad!

Author: Asa McCue