Putin Laughs Off Biden’s ‘List Of Demands’

The United States President Joe Biden left his historic meeting with Putin in shambles with absolutely nothing to show for it except major U.S. embarrassment.

Biden over-played his hand, giving President Vladimir Putin a list of critical U.S. infrastructure that should be off limits to future Russian cyberattacks. Essentially, instead of taking bold action against America’s adversary, the ever-weakening Joe Biden simply begged Putin to stop attacking entities in America through use on ransomware attacks and other computer hacking devices.

Biden claimed he sent a “clear message” to Vladimir Putin about the cyberattacks coming out of Moscow, but many sources close to the meeting reveal Putin was laughed off Biden’s weak demands.

“He knows I will take action like we did this last time out,” Biden told reporters in reference to U.S. sanctions against Russia imposed in April.

The cognitively-deficient president said he identified “16 entities” that should be considered off-limits to future cyberattacks. The list of infrastructure ranged from institutions in the “energy sector to our water system.”

There did, however, seem to be one area of concession as both Putin and Biden agreed to return their ambassadors back to their posts in an effort to lower tensions between the two world powerhouses. After Biden referred to Vladimir Putin as a “killer,” Russian ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov was recalled from Washington immediately. Similarly, U.S. ambassador to Russia John Sullivan left Moscow shortly after.

The first apparent cyberattack linked to Russian hackers occurred in May on the Colonial Pipeline, the nation’s largest source of fuel transportation. The attack caused a complete shut down of the pipeline — resulting in major gas shortages along the east coast of the United States. The second supposed atacks targeted. JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier.

Biden attempted a tough-guy act with the Russian President when he revealed, “I looked straight in his eye and I said, ‘How would you feel if cyberattacks shuddered the pipeline from your oil field?'”

In white Putin simply replied, “That would matter.”

The Biden administration then made the decision to forgo a joint press conference with the Russian President as it’s become apparent that Joe is incapable of maintaining himself in front of reporters.

Biden attempted to downplay the move, but teams on both sides understand the real reason why a joint press conference is out of the question.

While Putin later spoke highly of the meeting with Joe Biden, it’s unlikely where relations are headed given the current state of the administration.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth