Psaki Spills Details On Trump’s “Secret Letter” To Biden

Say what you will about Donald Trump (stable genius, America’s greatest president, working class hero), the man is a great communicator, excellent speaker, and adept writer.

His written words are perhaps the most impactful way Trump communicates, often leaving readers with jaw-dropping reactions — both positive and negative.

Well it seems Trump utilized his writing prowess in a secret letter left for Biden before the transition in early January.

[source: The Daily Wire]

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussed this week Joe Biden finding a letter left by his predecessor while she was in the Oval Office with Biden.

As is tradition, Trump left a letter for the incoming president. It’s been referred to as a  “secret,” since Biden has not disclosed the letter’s contents, other than to say it was “generous.”

Joining actor Rob Lowe on his podcast “Literally! With Rob Lowe,” the press secretary revealed that she thought about not telling Biden about the letter Trump left for him but ultimately decided against it.

“[Biden] kind of looked around for the letter and read the letter while I was sitting there, which was just kind of a remarkable moment,” she said. “He didn’t read aloud. He read it to himself.”

Psaki revealed that the letter was “long” and the handwriting was “lovely.”

“It was very long of the script, from where I could see was very lovely,” she told Lowe. “But I don’t know what was in the letter.”

On January 20, Biden told the press he wanted to keep the contents of the letter private, but noted that it was “generous.”

“The president wrote a very generous letter,” he said. “Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him. But, uh, it was generous.”

Moreover, at the time, Psaki called the letter “gracious.”

“Basically, I wish him luck and, you know, it was a couple of pages long and it was from the heart because I want to see him do well,” Trump told commentator Lisa Boothe in March.

Trump more than anyone understands (and has paid) the wages of war, of a battle hard fought to achieve one’s goals either in the boardroom or in the Oval Office.

The “gracious” letter written by Trump is merely another exemplary example of his classiness and respect for the office.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth