Psaki Scrambles To Control Narrative After Russia Leaks America’s Darkest Secret

While it’s true that the United States is objectively the greatest country to live, it remains clear the people running it are intensely scary behind-the-scenes villains with intentions on turning America into a nondescript globalist hell hole similar to that of Europe — or even China.

It was revealed recently that United States defense officials are concealing the real reason why the country has such a vested interest in protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression. It’s not the human rights violations or our NATO allies — oh no, it’s much more insidious than that.

Currently situated in Ukraine are U.S. laboratories dedicated to the development of biological and chemical weapons.

Before the Russian invasion, this was a Deep State secret not a single news outlet would touch with a ten foot poll. Now, however, it’s a topic which Jen Psaki is tasked with making disappear using the sharpest tool in her liberal arsenal.

She’s blaming “Russian Misinformation.”


The White House has denied that the United States has biological weapon laboratories or is developing chemical weapons in Ukraine.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki did a series of mental gymnastics on Twitter to deny the so-called propaganda, saying instead that Russia is likely to unleash biological warfare.

It’s a classic game of he said, she said.

Psaki ripped Russia’s “conspiracy theories” as “preposterous.” Instead, she remained adamant that the Biden administration is in full compliance with its Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention obligations and “does not develop or possess such weapons anywhere.”

And then – like clockwork – Psaki invoked Russia’s support for Syria, who’s leader was rumored to unleash multiple chemical attacks against his people, to signify Putin’s support for biological attacks.

The supposed chemical attacks in Syria were never proven to be true.

Finally Psaki comes right out and says it:

It really couldn’t be more obvious how badly the Biden administration wants to engage in full-scale war with Russia. Doing so would cure all of their political problems, or so they think…

Author: Elizabeth Tierney