Psaki Repeats Debunked Lie To Bash Trump, Shield POTUS

The Biden White House will do anything and everything they can to obfuscate the harrowing reality of the current state of America.

The border is in crisis, Democrats are losing every battle (and are poised to lose their majorities), and America is crippled under the skyrocketing rates of inflation.

But one thing we know for sure: Biden, Kamala, and numerous other Democrats publicly voiced serious concerns for the Trump vaccine before he left office. In fact, while on the campaign trail, both Biden and Harris repeatedly made their skepticism known, and even implied they wouldn’t take it unless approved by the FDA.

Currently, in Biden’s America, that kind of public questioning of the COVID vaccine is enough to get you censored — or worse.

Now the Biden administration has to answer to their vaccine hesitancy. They are struggling to calculate the proper messaging that won’t make them appear as hypocrites, so who better to throw under the bus than Donald Trump?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki falsely claimed during Wednesday’s White House press conference that former President Donald Trump suggested that people inject “poison” into their veins to cure COVID-19.

Psaki made the remarks in response to a question from a reporter on whether President Joe Biden contributed to vaccine hesitancy with remarks that he made while he was a candidate for the presidency.

When a reporter asked if Biden ever created some vaccine hesitancy last year on the campaign trail when he went from city to city expressing his skepticism, only to later be its biggest proponent, Psaki had this to say:

“I would note that at the time, just for context, the former president was also suggesting people inject versions of poison into their veins to cure COVID,” Psaki falsely claimed. “So, I think that’s a relevant point.”

Psaki knows all too well that then-President Trump did not recommend that American inject bleach to cure themselves from COVID-19, but when he boss is in hot water, who else is there to blame?

This form of snide, pomposity directed toward the Former President and his followers is exactly what the majority of Americans despise about liberal Democrats. Not to mention the flat-out lie that is incessantly repeated for the purpose of demonizing the President responsible for the medical breakthrough that is the coronavirus vaccine.

For context, here’s what Trump said at the time. Notice how Psaki and the liberal media refuse to report on his words or repeat them with any accuracy whatsoever.

Author: Asa McCue