Psaki Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth — Fails To Explain Vaccine Hypocrisy

Jen Psaki is struggling – and it’s obvious.

White House Press Secretary and main mouthpiece for the Biden regime was visibly shaken in front of reporters during her daily press conference on Monday. She knows America is turning on her boss and questions from reporters are beginning to reflect that.

Psaki defended and doubled down on Biden’s glaring hypocrisy. Under current border policy, illegal immigrants are allowed to cross the border unscathed without presenting proof of vaccination. Conversely, the U.S. announced it will only allow vaccinated international travelers to remain in the country.

Are you paying attention yet?

Psaki claimed illegal immigration is “not the same” since undocumented migrants would not remain in the country for an extended amount of time. The press sec. was asked why similar protocols do not apply to the migrant surge at the southern border .

Jen immediately leaned into her habit of delivering a snide, sneering tone in response to undesirable questions:

“Let me explain to you again, Peter, how our process works…” Psaki replied.

Psaki continued to deny that the two situations are in any way related.

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time,” she said of the migrants. “It’s not the same thing.”

Why are migrants risking their lives to illegally cross our southern border if they’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time?

And why must people from Europe, who may be here on vacation, show proof of vaccination while migrants from third world countries enter no questions asked? Could it be that Democrats are so desperate to rebuild their voter base that they’re willing import millions of foreigners and promise them hoards of taxpayer-funded incentives in exchange for their vote?

The response was widely ridiculed on Twitter, especially by conservatives.

The Biden administration had faced pressure to revisit the travel restrictions, especially from the European Union and United Kingdom, after deciding to leave them in place in July. It was widely speculated that the decision was timed to ease tensions over a series of diplomatic rows with European allies.

Psaki was also questioned about images showing Border Patrol agents rounding up Haitian migrants who have entered Del Rio, Texas, in large numbers and asked whether it was safe to deport them to their home country, which has been plagued by earthquakes and political turmoil.

The White House press secretary declined to defend the border patrol pictures, in which horseback-riding agents appear to wield lassos or whips, but also said the law would be enforced and she would need more information.

“I don’t have the full context,” Psaki said, adding, “I can’t imagine what context would make that appropriate.”

The Biden administration announced through the Department of Homeland Security on Saturday that it would move to expel a number of the Haitian migrants, many of whom had arrived from third countries.

She also defended Kamala Harris, the administration’s border point person, despite the Vice President achieving nothing to address the “root causes” of mass illegal migration.

Immigration has consistently been one of the issues for which Biden has received his lowest marks in the polls, as his administration has failed to grapple with the crisis at the border.

The ongoing hypocrisy and transparent agenda to import illegals by the millions to radically transform the nature of our country is causing many Americans to grow concerned. Now more than ever, we need strong conservative leadership that will combat Biden’s wretched plans.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth