Psaki Pummeled At The Podium During Fiery Presser

Like her hair suggests, Jen Psaki is going down in flames right along with her failed boss Joe Biden.

The latter commits the crimes while the former covers them up. It’s a perfect dynamic for two Deep State liberals hellbent on transforming the country into a radical far-left group therapy session.

Things took a turn for the worse on Tuesday when the White House Press Secretary was hammered with uncomfortable questions relating to Joe Biden’s tone deaf Thanksgiving vacation and his defamatory, malicious statements about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Americans are struggling to offset the rising cost of groceries this year as Thanksgiving dinner preparations kick off. Across the country families are scaling down, choosing less expensive options, and reducing the size of their gatherings just so they can afford Thanksgiving dinner. This is the sad reality in Biden’s America.

Relatively speaking Joe Biden himself is experiencing an expensive Thanksgiving as well.

As Americans struggle both at the grocery store and at the gas pump, Joe Biden will be vacationing over the holiday in a “billionaire’s compound in Nantucket.”

How’s that for optics!

Psaki immediately sought to downplay the question, claiming, “a twenty-pound turkey is a pretty big turkey, I think we can all agree. They’re about $1 more.”

A wealthy liberal women proving – yet again – they have no concept of what it means to be faced with rising prices at the store, knowing you can’t afford the same meal you provided just last year.

Here’s the thing, Jen: let’s say the price of a turkey did only rise $1, what about everything else needed to prepare Thanksgiving dinner?

The price of a turkey is up $1…and produce is up $1 … and dairy is up $1…etc etc. Before you know it, your entire grocery haul is costing $50-$100 more than it did the previous year.

Psaki was also confronted with Biden’s previous comments about Kyle Rittenhouse.

As we’ve all probably seen, while on the campaign trail the Biden camp released an ad clearly and maliciously aligning Rittenhouse with white supremacists in an attempt to ding Trump for his supposed refusal to disavow them. (Trump did this on multiple occasions.)

With no where to turn, Psaki is forced to use the oldest trick in the book as far as politics is concerned:



Psaki refused to even come close to mentioning the billionaire compound on Nantucket where the Biden clan is holding up for Thanksgiving. Instead she dissected every word of Doocy’s line of questioning until eventually settling on, “I hope you’re spending time with your family.”


The White House Press Secretary, folks!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth