Psaki Makes a Pathetic Excuse For Biden’s Inability To Answer Questions

It’s no secret that the liberal media works overtime to protect and prop up Democrat presidents. They seem to think it’s their job to support their party, even when they fail again and fail. They did it with Clinton and Obama. And they tried to do it with Joe Biden.

But it seems even the MSM’s patience is running thin.

The Biden administration has continued to ignore, rebuff, and insult the media. He has a more contentious relationship with it than Donald Trump. Yet, where Trump pushed back against dishonest and biased coverage, Joe has no reason to fight with a liberal-leaning media.

Yet time and again, we’ve seen him and his staff ignore reporters. In many cases, Biden’s handlers will prevent the media from even asking questions. Yesterday, the press called out Jen Psaki over Biden’s hostility. This was her pathetic response.

“Just one more, as he sat down with Prime Minister Modi last week, the president said that the Indian press is better behaved than the US press, and then he advised him not to take questions,” a reporter said to Psaki. “Can you explain why the American president was criticizing US reporters in that setting?”

After claiming that Biden does take questions, Psaki said, “I think what he said is that they’re not always on point.”…

Another reporter quickly followed up, noting, “It happened that he was sitting next to [the] Prime Minister of India, the world’s largest democracy, when he said that. It also followed the incident on Wednesday when he was sitting next to the Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

“Is the president reticent to take questions when he’s sitting next to a foreign leader in the Oval Office?” the reporter asked. “Can we expect him to do that in the future?”

“He’d already taken questions that day,” she said. “I think that was the context of his comments.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, what a weak, non-answer. You can almost taste the anger in the reporter’s questions, referring to Biden as the “American president,” almost shaming him for not answering a few questions. All that Psaki could say is that the questions were not “on point.”

What does that mean? Reporters are allowed to ask any questions they want. That’s the point of a free press, right? In all the years the media tried to go after Donald Trump, he always took their questions. Sometimes, he would stay longer just to cover everyone. Yet we frequently see Joe give short, half-hearted “speeches” and run away from the media.

You can’t call what he does press conferences, when he refuses one question.

And let’s not pretend it’s because the questions are not “on point.” It’s because Biden is not prepared to answer questions, period. Without scripted responses from his handlers, Joe Biden is up a creek without a paddle. The confused, old, puppet president has nothing to say. The easiest thing to do is for him to ignore questions.

Even the liberal media is outraged over this insult. And it won’t get any better soon.

Author: Tom Anderson