Psaki Hits Peak Stupidity With Latest Trump Blame Game

Who does Jen Psaki think she’s fooling?

Joe Biden’s Eva Braun and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki white-knuckled through another press conference on Thursday She clumsily attempted to pull the wool over America’s eyes by blaming Former President Donald Trump for the current surge of illegal immigrants from Haiti.

The White House cannot afford another political mishap of this magnitude so any idea of taking responsibility for the immigration crisis is beyond farfetched. Doing the right thing does not take priority in Biden’s administration, but destroying the country surely does.

Jen Psaki so desperately needs a scapegoat for the harrowing results of her boss’ open border policies that she’s ramped up efforts to blame Donald Trump.

The redheaded press sec. balked at reporters who dared to question why Biden’s efforts to secure the border were being compared by members of his own party to those used by the Former President.

Whatever spin Psaki wants to put on it, the objective truth remains: Joe Biden’s day one decision to end key Trump-era immigration policies opened a floodgate of illegal immigration the likes of which America has never seen. Accompanying the surge is a wave of criminal activity such as human trafficking, violent drug cartel activity, and potential terrorism.

Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ strategy – a sensible and straightforward policy – relieved Border Patrol agents from an ongoing surge of illegal immigration stemming from the Obama administration. It was destroyed on day one of Biden’s presidency.

The Biden administration doesn’t even hide the fact that they are destroying Trump’s immigration policies solely because they were issued by Trump, no other reason needed. The efficacy of this or that Trump-era policy is never discussed; it simply cannot exist in our liberal dystopia any longer.

Now, over 15,000 Haitian migrants are convening in make shift border encampments under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Many are being released with nothing more than a notice to appear in immigration court. Under Biden’s policies, they will not be tested for COVID-19 before release despite American workers being subjected to tyrannical vaccine mandates.

Biden also restored the policy of catch-and-release, allowing many captured migrants to remain in the United States until a court could hear their asylum claim.

But the president continues to use the Title 42 authorities, developed during the Trump administration, to expel some migrants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Psaki said only 1,401 migrants in the camp of the 15,000 were immediately returned aboard flights to Haiti, while about 3,000 had been moved to CBP custody or elsewhere.

She defied claims from a reporter who referred to an “open border” during the Biden administration, as officials continued to release migrants into the country, according to reports.

Author: Asa McCue