Psaki Does Poor Job Of Cleaning Up After Hypocrite Boss

While it’s true liberals lack genuine empathy and a majority are pathologically sociopathic, and certainly would derive much pleasure from watching a conservative fail, those of us on the right don’t necessarily feel the same way.

At times it can be difficult witnessing a train wreck, but in the case of Jen Psaki squirming miserably at the podium while her boss enacts the single most destructive political agenda in U.S. history, it’s a treat!

The White House Press Secretary failed to clean up after her cognitively deficient boss on Monday during a signature sparring match with Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy.

Psaki looked tense immediately upon taking the podium, knowing full well she would have to answer for Biden’s blatant hypocrisy regarding his maskless shopping spree in Nantucket and an African travel ban which was widely maligned when Trump took similar action.

Doocy first asked about the news that first broke over the weekend that the United States, on Biden’s instructions, was halting inbound travel from several African nations following the emergence of the Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus.

Doocy was not the only one wondering about that, as Twitter exploded over the weekend with conservatives asking nearly identical questions.

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton broached the subject on ‘Fox & Friends,’ exposing the hypocrisy which drives the Biden administration and seems to blanket each and every policy decision.

Psaki argued that Doocy’s question did not put Biden’s criticism in its “full context,” arguing that he had meant to condemn Trump’s tweet about the ban, not the travel ban itself.

Meanwhile, a quick flashback of Biden’s past statements are clearly a condemnation of Trump’s decision to ban travel from certain parts of the world.

The Democrats understood Trump’s decision was not based on race but to better isolate the virus and prevent more deaths in the U.S. Still, the liberal party ran with it, condemning Trump by injecting race into the national narrative, only later to implement the same policy less than two years later.

Doocy moved on to his second question then, asking about a video of Biden shopping in Nantucket. The video showed the president inside a store without a face mask despite a sign on the door advising patrons that masks were required.

Psaki feigned ignorance, claiming she didn’t know the particular location in which Biden was seen maskless, still reiterating that “the president follows public health guidelines” despite clearly defying them on video.

Doocy pressed again, pointing out the fact that there was a sign that said “face covering required,” adding, “we could see him inside and his face was uncovered.”

She wouldn’t budge, still claiming “I don’t know what this establishment was.”

How does the entire country know what the establishment was, but Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary claims not to know?

Doocy continued his line of questioning, asking Psaki whether Biden is setting the proper example for proper mask use as the country braces for a new so-called variant of the coronavirus.

Psaki’s response?

Joe Biden wears the mask in public settings and during meetings.

In other words, in situations where everyone is required to be vaccinated.

Never comply.

Author: Asa McCue