Psaki Can’t Give a Straight Answer When Reporters Ask Her This Simple Question

Joe Biden isn’t the only failure within his administration. We’ve seen over his first year in office, just how badly his top staff performs. Pete Buttigieg flopped during the supply chain crisis (that is still going on). Kamala Harris did nothing about a raging border crisis (that is still going on). Biden’s State Department heads botched a meeting with China, further straining our relationship with the communist nation.

But among Biden’s biggest losers is his press secretary, Jen Psaki. The White House spokesperson seems unfit for the job. She often oversteps her bounds, to speak in place of Biden. Instead of representing the White House with dignity, she descends to petty partisan attacks. And what she doesn’t know about her administration can fill a warehouse. The worst was yet to come, however, when she was asked about Biden’s failures.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki compared supporters of former President Donald Trump to “silent lemmings” after a reporter asked if President Joe Biden has unified the nation…

“Does President Biden feel as though he’s done enough to unify the country? And what more does he need to do, given the sharp divides that we still see on display today?”

Psaki did not directly answer the question…

“When their children and grandchildren look at the history books, do they want to be perpetuating the Big Lie? Do they want to be walking like silent lemmings behind the former president, who fomented an insurrection? Or do they want to be part of saving our democracy?” Psaki responded. [Source: Just the News]

It was an odd answer to a fairly straightforward question. But that’s par for the course for this press secretary. A reporter pressed her about Biden’s failures to unite the country. Let’s be honest here, Biden has done nothing to bring people in this country together. In fact, he’s done the exact opposite. He’s vilified Republicans and conservative voters—who make up more than half the country.

He’s pitted vaccinated Americans against their families and friends—all because they don’t want to get a vaccine. Biden’s constant attacks on unvaccinated Americans are disgraceful and insulting and are directly causing Americans to turn on each other. Biden’s weak leadership, poor decisions, and lack of vision are not uniting us, but bringing more uncertainty.

But instead of answering this question honestly, Psaki tried to blame Trump supporters. She made a bizarre and out-of-place mention of the “history books” and claimed people who back Trump and like “silent lemmings.” The fact that she uses a term like the “Big Lie” makes her sound like a child or worse a conspiracy theorist.

She suggested that most Republicans don’t back Trump anymore. Yet only traitor Liz Cheney and her father attended the Democrats’ January 6 “remembrance ceremony.” Most Republicans oppose the Democrats’ exploitation of the riot to push their political agenda and are certainly not on board with what Psaki is saying.

Is she saying that in order to “save” our democracy, we have to deny obvious problems from the 2020 Election? That, in order for Americans to be united, we have to blindly believe whatever garbage Joe Biden and the MSM say? Is she advocating a Big Brother kind of scenario, where a “united” America is one where nobody is allowed to dissent and speaking out makes you an “insurrectionist”?

Author: James Anderson