Psaki Admits ‘Defund The Police’ To Blame For Crime Wave

Let’s travel back in time to the summer of 2020 when far-left domestic terrorists systematically burned down major American cities while leading Democrats cheered them on, justified their actions, and ignored the COVID hypocrisy.

Kamala Harris, for example, contributed to a bail fund which secured the speedy release of Antifa terrorists responsible for arson and violence across the country. Other elected officials cheered on the riots, calling them “mostly peaceful” while small business in majority-black areas were destroyed.

Their message was simple: ‘Defund the Police’.

As a result, progressive cities across America began reducing their police budgets. Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago — all run by far-left officials, all reduced the size of their police force — with horrific results.

Cut to today and unfortunately all of our predictions came true: crime is out of control, the pandemic is still raging, and Democrats exploited the harrowing social conditions to steal an entire presidential election.

Around the same time, anti-lockdown protestors took to the street and actually remained peaceful.

No businesses were burned, no one was killed, but they were still maligned by liberals in Washington D.C. and in the media. Freedom-loving Americans protesting against draconian lockdown measures were routinely called “white supremacists” and even murders for daring to speak truth to power and against medical tyranny.

Are you paying attention yet?

On Monday, Fox News’s Peter Doocy grilled White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the nationwide crime surge and skyrocketing murder rate during.

Her response is a complete repudiation of her party’s entire platform less than two years ago.

It’s almost as if the lockdown, Antifa riots, and anti-lockdown protests were all used and exploited to perpetuate the stealing of a presidential election?

Doocy asked Psaki:

“Does he [Joe Biden] know that after a year in office people do not feel safe in this country?”

Psaki immediately tried to deflect by claiming the crime wave began during Trump’s presidency.

Doocy followed up, “So what are you attributing the rise of crime to then?”

This is when Psaki finally admitted what we knew all along…

The Fox News Reporter then pressed Psaki on the murder rate reaching a “25 year high,” and why Americans haven’t seen or heard more from Biden on the issue. Doocy also noted that Americans have heard from Biden on the COVID-19 pandemic but pointed out that the “murder rate is a risk to American people too, right?

The entire exchange was music to the ear’s of any right-leaning American, many of whom have been saying this for two years now.

Then again, Psaki’s admission is quite shocking given the violent insistence of Democrats to reduce the size of most police budgets during the height of a pandemic, thus highlighting the fact that all of this is for political gain and nothing else.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth